Commitment to Culture Accelerates Company Recovery 

by Peter Gibbons

As the U.S. continues to cope with the negative effects of COVID-19, companies have taken on greater responsibility to keep employees safe and healthy. Leaders are balancing heroic efforts to show appreciation for their employees with the tough decisions needed to keep their companies afloat.  Mark Cuban said it best: “How companies respond . . . is going to define their … [More]

Develop a Diversity & Inclusion Plan that Isn’t Fluff

by Eric M. Bailey

The country is talking about race and racism in a way that many have never before experienced in their careers. Organizations are beginning to develop, review or refresh their diversity plans in response, but don’t want to appear as if they are reacting to the broader national conversation. For many, this was something that was in process already; for others, it’s altogether … [More]

Create a Transitional Retirement Option for Your Employees

by Chip Munn

The relationship between companies and their employees has been forever changed by COVID-19. Since late January, Americans have been shifting from their traditional roles and workplaces toward their home offices. They’re using telecommuting technology and learning new capabilities daily. There’s a shift occurring, and the biggest question for companies will be whether this … [More]

Managing Remote Workers

by Moe Vela

With 4 billion people working from home, it can be a difficult undertaking for new and experienced managers to effectively manage, coordinate with their employees remotely, and ensure productivity is consistent online. Traditionally, managers are used to seeing their workforce and meeting with them in person. A remote workforce model creates an “out of sight, out of mind, out … [More]

To Hire or Not to Hire

by Kathleen Duffy

Week after week, the numbers continued to rise. I’m talking about unemployment claims, which in March and April eclipsed the number of people out of work during the Great Depression. It’s hard to believe that our nation’s economy was humming along, with unemployment hovering at a 50-year low of 3.5 percent just six months ago. As companies begin to dig out of the COVID-19 … [More]