The Rebuilding of Our Economy: Industry Leaders Speak Out on COVID-19

by RaeAnne Marsh

Businesses of every size and in every economic sector have been restructuring their operations, their business model and, in many instances, their products and services. On our website and through our In Business Dailies, we’ve shared the stories of individual companies that have put new focus on helping their community — businesses as well as individuals — better survive the … [More]

Demands on Life Sciences

by RaeAnne Marsh

On January 13 of this year, I was in San Francisco with thousands of life science entrepreneurs and investors for J.P. Morgan Healthcare Week. Companies were making their pitches, investors were scoping out investment opportunities and the sidewalks were filled with people moving from in-person meeting to meeting. One week later, the first U.S. case of COVID-19 was reported in … [More]

Advancing Economic Development

by Chris Camacho

From a business development standpoint, the biggest challenge is determining which companies are planning to “re-shore” operations and jobs as a result of global supply chains being severely impacted by the pandemic. COVID-19 exposed massive vulnerabilities for companies in this realm, but it also presents Greater Phoenix’s biggest opportunity. The region is well-positioned for … [More]

Trends Are Showing

by Mary Roberts

As part of Governor Ducey’s Executive Order “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” issued in early March, real estate services were deemed an essential service, so REALTORS® in Arizona were allowed to continue to practice. However, most REALTORS are now working from home and those who are still in the office have their offices locked to the public. Because real estate … [More]

Restaurants Pick Up Takeout

by Steve Chucri

No matter where you are in our industry, from quick service to fine dining, we’ve never seen something like this. It’s challenging in so many ways. The reality is, 80 percent (maybe 75 percent) of our business is in-dining, not takeout, and this has been the inverse of that. Everyone’s pivoting. With our, we were very fortunate to be able to set that … [More]

Site-Seeing in Sight

by Rachel Sacco

Scottsdale’s entire tourism industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, with many hotels and resorts either closing their doors or operating at single-digit occupancy levels. Because Experience Scottsdale’s primary funding comes from transient lodging taxes, our organization reflects the health of the tourism industry — in good times and in bad. Like many tourism … [More]

What’s Developing in Our CRE Market

by Suzanne Kinney

Building owners are focused on two issues right now: making rent payment arrangements with tenants whose operations have been impacted by COVID-19 and ensuring that their buildings provide a safe and healthy space for essential workers who must continuing coming into the office. Regarding rent payments, building owners had to rapidly put protocols in place to determine which … [More]

Banks Are Banking on Innovation

by RaeAnne Marsh

Bankers are generally retail front-office people or in office environments throughout all of our communities. They were deemed “essential” under the governor’s executive stay-at-home order. Therefore, many have been in the bank as usual throughout this entire ordeal. That said, the banks have had to make some significant configuration changes in order to keep their customers … [More]

Count on Tech

by Steven G. Zylstra

COVID-19 has created a volatile market and will continue to negatively impact every business sector until we have a clearer picture surrounding the length and depth of this pandemic. In the technology industry, businesses are dealing with a dramatic strain on their supply chains all around the world. Companies are limiting travel, cancelling meetings outside of office walls and … [More]

Business Will Need a Hand

by Todd Sanders

As a chamber of commerce with a broad and diverse membership base, we’ve seen the full range of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Greater Phoenix region’s businesses, nonprofits and community-based organizations. For us, we’ve completely shifted our operations from emphasizing connections at events and programs to virtual offerings that still serve our members while … [More]