Great Leaders Driving Our Business Community

by RaeAnne Marsh

In an increasingly volatile business climate – buffeted not least by the stresses from continuous and increasingly rapid technological changes and unpredictable political forces – it’s the leadership that counts in keeping a company strong and moving forward. In Business Magazine reached out to some of the Valley’s core businesses and asked the men and women at the helm to … [More]

Sandra Watson, President and CEO, Arizona Commerce Authority

from Sandra Watson

As Arizona’s statewide economic development agency, the economy is our business. I’m excited to say that over the past year, the momentum has continued to build and Arizona is receiving international attention for its accomplishments. Our unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in a decade and more than 274,000 nonfarm jobs have been added since 2015. Arizona’s population has … [More]

Derrick Hall, President and CEO, Arizona Diamondbacks

from Derrick Hall

It is very clear that the economy is in strong recovery and companies are confident about spending again. They also seem to be investing in their employees, which was an indication that the somewhat stagnant nightly suite rentals would be back in high demand. That proved to be true as our sales force focused on local companies and hospitality opportunities, and those particular … [More]

Pam Kehaly, President and CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

from Pam Kehaly

What were two or three significant changes in the economy or your industry that your company needed to address this past year? The federal tax reforms instituted last year created an unexpected projected lift to our 2018 net income. We had a decision to make: drop the dollars to the bottom line or reinvest in the company and services for our members. The decision to reinvest … [More]

Chuck McLane, Senior Managing Director, CBIZ and MHM

from Charles A. McLane

 This year was all about tax reform. The tax law change was the biggest comprehensive change in many years and our team had to get up to speed very quickly on all the tax law changes. We had some difficulty because the interpretations and implementation guidance our clients were looking for had not been fully developed yet. We hosted webinars throughout the year to help people … [More]