Serving as President of NAWBO Phoenix is an Extraordinary Experience!

by Julie S. Cook

I’m privileged to be on this board with women who are contributing their time and talents for the greater good of the organization. Their dedication to NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Phoenix and to the success of our programs is unbelievable. During this year, our pillars are to Collaborate, Communicate and Connect with… [More]

Don’t Let Your Marketing Die of Natural Causes

by Rosaria Glasco

Your Website Remember when you launched your website? You thought you were done, didn’t you? Websites are fluid and constantly changing. You need to keep it as current as the jeans you wear or the phone you carry. Websites need to be redone every two years to stay current. As many as 60 percent of… [More]

Personal Brand and Style

by Clarisse Ringwald, Ffsm

Styling is an optical illusion. It’s all about perception. Did you know when you enter a room, people’s eyes will go from the top of your head to the tip of your toe in three seconds? Styling is about looking your best at any given moment. It’s all about keeping the attention on your face… [More]

Seven Traits of Highly Successful Women to Embrace Now 

by Jean Briese

1. Confidence — Here’s the secret to confidence: It doesn’t matter how you feel on the inside, it’s what you project on the outside that people see. I have often been told by people that they admire my confidence. I smile graciously and thank them, knowing on the inside I was the same as everyone… [More]

Photos Can Enhance Your Business

by Morgan Hirschi

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A photograph can draw a viewer in and compel her to learn more or it can turn someone away with one glance. This is especially true when it comes to marketing your own business. Are the pictures on your website piquing the interest… [More]

Standout in Your Field and SWOT the Competition

by Angela Garmon

Yes, you read right, “SWOT” the competition, not “swat” the competition. You don’t want to physically hurt them. You just want to have an advantage over them; who wouldn’t want an advantage? Think about a time when you played a game that required forethought or strategy. Was it easier to play against someone you didn’t… [More]

Happy Birthday HR5050!

by Wendy Anderton

Imagine if you were a business owner, and you were required to get a co-signer for a loan. No big deal, right? It happens all the time! However, in the not-so-distant past, women business owners were subjected to a set of standards to obtain credit different from their equivalent male counterparts. In fact, men were… [More]

November 2017 Message from Julie S. Cook

by Julie S. Cook

Serving as the president and the chief cheerleader of NAWBO Phoenix for the 2017/18 year is a privilege of a lifetime. I’m meeting and connecting with so many amazing women who have had and are making a huge influence in my life. Because of how my life has been affected in such a positive way,… [More]

Is your Company at Risk?

by Cindy Gordon

A small business owner I know recently discovered that one of his employees embezzled about $300,000 from his company over approximately eight years. The employee was responsible for some accounting functions that included payroll. Every payroll, he would create the information needed to be sent to their PEO, get it approved by the owner, and… [More]

Local Group Launches App for Finding Woman-Owned Businesses

by Jackie Wszalek, Wendy McClellan and Mike Bull

Looking for a plumber, printer or other products or services? Why not use a WOWOB (woman-owned, woman-operated business)? They’re different. WOWOBs have a big social impact as well as an economic impact. The local founders of the WOWOB movement recently launched a free app to make it easy for anyone to locate a WOWOB to… [More]