Top 10 Tips for Better Media Interviews

by Laurie W. Anderson

As many business owners know, publicity is a cost-effective way to get your message out to your target audiences. Publicity has an important, implied third-party endorsement/credibility. While every media interview is different, there are some basic rules you can follow in any interview situation to make your presentation most effective. Whether you are working with a reporter … [More]

Help! What Kind of Video Do I Need for My Business?

by Helen (Hyun Lee) Kim

It depends on where you want to go. There are as many types of videos for business as there are cars on I-10 at rush hour. When you’re stuck in traffic, you can’t help noticing that some cars are old, some are new; some are fast, some are slow; some are sleek, some are unsightly; some are massive, some are so small they could fit inside a closet. Regardless of looks, cars are … [More]

From Labor to Human Beings, Why It Pays to Understand What Makes Your People Tick

by Kathleen Gramzay

Labor. Workers. Assets. Human resources. Human capital. Employees. Associates. Team members. These terms reflect the evolution of understanding around the resource that makes business run. For decades, the terms were one-dimensional, referring to the single aspect employers cared about: getting products made and delivered. Early management view of labor was simple: Clock in, … [More]

Come Full Circle with NAWBO Phoenix

by Angela Garmon

National Association of Women Business Owners  represents the voice of the 12 million women business owners (WBOs) across the nation. This year, NAWBO Phoenix will focus its efforts on understanding what is impacting WBOs in the Valley to begin addressing some of the challenges and removing barriers to success. As we continue to see a rise in WBOs across the nation, there … [More]

Your Ideal Prospect/Client Needs You!

by Julie Cook

When was the last time you thought about connecting with your ideal prospect in the hopes of turning them into your ideal client: Today? Yesterday? Last week or month? Well, you are just like the rest of us. We all want to be in front of that person or business we have defined as our “Ideal Client.” Now, how do we go about doing that? Let’s just say you have a website that … [More]