My Secrets to Success: Negotiate, Close, Repeat

by Ronit Urman

Why is there a gender pay gap? Could it be that 68 percent of women accept a salary without further negotiation? This figure is real and comes from Katie Donovan of Equal Pay Negotiations. This gap often drives women, such as those in NAWBO, to own their own businesses. And yet, we return to the fact that, in business, negotiation is necessary. Most business owners’ success … [More]

Five Extraordinary Leadership Lessons from Wonder Woman

by Jean Briese

Here are five extraordinary leadership lessons we learn from Wonder Woman. “You have been my greatest love.” A young Diana watches with excitement as General Antiope puts the Amazons through rigorous training. A young girl, Diana knows this is her calling, Despite being told “no” numerous times by the very people she loves and respects, she is drawn to the training. She … [More]

Digital Marketing Today

by Julie Cook

So you have a company website. Good for you!! Now you are thinking, “Whew, the work is over.” This is just the beginning. You have to get your business found by your ideal client/customer. Back in 2000 when we started our company, essentially all you had to do was have a website and life was simple. “Look at me, my company has a website,” and now all you had to do was print … [More]

Three Ways Women Can Stand Out from the Crowd

by Cindy Gordon

Humility may be the greatest roadblock to closing the income gap between women and men. If women tooted their horns, asked for salaries that represent their worth (and sometimes even more) and held the same level of self-esteem men do, they would probably be outperforming their male counterparts in all areas of business. Here are three ways women can start gaining the … [More]

What Is Your Perspective Costing You?

by Angela Garmon

“It is a matter of perspective,” I recently shared with a client. “You can either choose to continue seeing and doing things your way or you can shift the status quo and ask your team their thoughts.”  Recently, I was loading items into the back of my SUV. Initially, the truck was parked across the street from the house. After the first trip, I thought, “Angela, work … [More]