The Czech Republic: Adventure in the Heart of Europe

by RaeAnne Marsh

Castles, cathedrals and — perhaps surprisingly — wine cellars are among the attractions that make a visit to the Czech Republic special. History is part and parcel of the culture, from monuments maintained as treasures of the Middle Ages or functioning sites for today’s commerce to less-mellowed vestiges of the past 100 years’ political turmoil. In the country’s main cities of … [More]

Securing Our Energy Resources

by Joe Bardin

It’s easy to take energy for granted. You hit the switch or plug into the outlet, and the power is there for you to run your business and live your life. We in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area experience only minimal disruptions to power and those come mainly from stormy monsoon weather rather than overloads on the grid. This is a testament to the power of planning by our energy … [More]

Mark B. Bonsall, Salt River Project

from Mark B. Bonsall

Providing the energy that enables businesses to succeed and commerce to thrive is vital. Utilities such as Salt River Project (whose history is rooted in the provision of water and hydroelectricity) have the power — literally — to help deliver economic growth to the Valley, and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously. Looking ahead, the emphasis in the utility industry … [More]

Tap into Big Data for Profit

by Don Harris

Big data is capable of making a big impact on the bottom line of businesses. The term describes the exponential growth and availability of data, which businesses are eager to exploit. But this overwhelming abundance of data is important to businesses only if they are able to accurately analyze it in a timely manner, which can lead to more confident decision making. The term … [More]

Cyber Security: Liability and Evolving Standards for Business

by RaeAnne Marsh

Data breaches at major corporations like Target and Michael’s become high-profile news, but it’s a risk that every company with an Internet-connected computer should be worried about, according to Jason Weinstein, a partner in the law firm of Steptoe & Johnson LLP whose practice specialties include cyber crime. “Cyber criminals are interested in getting into the systems of … [More]

Summer Adventure Near and Far

by RaeAnne Marsh

The popular You Are Here guide to attractions for locals and visitors blew out the boundaries last year when it expanded its view to national and international destinations as part of In Business Magazine. We offer this insertion twice yearly to inform our In Business Magazine readers (one of the best local demographics of travelers) of many of the great getaways and travel … [More]

Mindfulness and Values-Clarification in the Workplace

by Paul E. Flaxman, Ph.D.

Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of interest in mindfulness-based training programs. The impact of the mindful movement can be seen across the fields of psychotherapy, stress management, coaching and sports performance.  In the workplace, mindfulness is being hailed for its potential to help employees and leaders stay in contact with present moment … [More]

Walt Danley: Gaining an Edge by Taking to the Streets

by Alison Stanton

Walt Danley, who first started working in real estate in July of 1977 at Coldwell Banker and is now president of Walt Danley Realty, says being a good listener has been the key to much of his success. From clients to co-workers and other Realtors, Danley has made it a point to really focus and listen carefully to what other people are telling him. “I have found that people … [More]

Auto Technician Course Fills Growing Employment Need

by RaeAnne Marsh

“There is a huge appetite for having certified technicians in the marketplace,” says Michael Romano, campus president for Avondale for Universal Technical Institute. The Scottsdale-headquartered, nationwide institute is launching a General Motors Technician Career Training, which it developed with General Motors and Raytheon Professional Services. The demand for automotive … [More]

Info Must Be Right to Get Found Online

by RaeAnne Marsh

Small businesses lose $10 billion annually due to missing or outdated information online, a problem GoDaddy’s Get Found program is designed to solve. Businesses can use a scan, which Get Found offers for free, to see how they appear across different sites, search engines and devices. Then, as a content management system that is partnered with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and more, … [More]