Tech Sectors: The Technology Advantage, Sustaining Arizona’s Economy

by RaeAnne Marsh

Jobs in the technology sector are among the best-paying, and therefore help to raise the economy generally. There is also a multiplier effect, as each single technology-sector job creates more than four jobs in the broader community. Creating the jobs and the work force to fill them, then, has become an important focus of economic development from the local to the statewide … [More]

Ken McMahon, CenturyLink

from Ken McMahon

Arizona’s strength in technology is broad. Leading and emerging companies in a wide range of technology sectors have operations in our metropolitan centers and are helping Arizona claim a reputation as a second-to-none business destination. Arizona has a wealth of assets that we can leverage to build an ever-stronger and more diversified economy. Our enterprising and active … [More]

Finance: Employee Wellness Benefit

by RaeAnne Marsh

Financial wellness is increasingly a concern of employers for their employees. “There’s almost universal awareness now that financial problems affect business,” says Mike Sullivan, director of education with Take Charge America, explaining that people do not attend to business as well as they would if they didn’t have financial problems on their mind. “So businesses need to … [More]

Customer Loyalty: Gauge It as a Growth Predictor

by Jeff Sauro

Sure, your company has satisfied customers. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be in business (at least not for long). But here’s a question few companies ask: How loyal are they? Will they recommend your products and services to others? Will they stick with you through thick and thin? Or will they run at the first sign of a price increase or some other change that rubs them the wrong … [More]

Experts Have the Answers

by Scott James

What is the difference between experts who have built a platform and brand around their expertise and experts who are great at their work but haven’t figured out how to launch that one big idea or build a truly successful platform? Conversations I have every day with authors about brand strategy around their books and conversations I engaged in earlier this year at one of this … [More]

Intellectual Property Is Not Created Equal

by RaeAnne Marsh

Business owners tend to underestimate their intellectual property (IP), says Lee Fraley, a partner in the Phoenix office of law firm Snell & Wilmer who specializes in IP and works with many emerging businesses in acquisitions and related transactions. “They tend to think IP only includes patents, but it’s much more than that — it’s almost anything that gives a company a … [More]

Make Room for Millennials

by Michal Tyra and William Bessette

It might seem an odd fit: a nonprofit aligning itself with 20- to 32-year-olds who, at first blush, appear to have little in common with such institutions. But successful nonprofits believe such a pairing is simply good strategy, especially considering that half the U.S. work force by 2020 will consist of this young demographic known as millennials. They are 80 million in … [More]

Blue Sky Pest Control: Building Strength from Small Decisions 

by Alexandra Lyon

The creepy-crawlies of the Arizona desert are no match for Curtis Whalen and Nathan Woolf, owners of Blue Sky Pest Control. The Phoenix-based company has experienced aggressive growth since opening its first office in the Phoenix metropolitan area in 2003, and now has more than 65 employees and a second location in Gilbert. This growth advanced even during the economic … [More]

Secure Against Internal as well as External Breaches

by RaeAnne Marsh

Diligence against cyber security breaches is as much an issue of internal processes as external threats. In fact, the breach Home Depot so publicly suffered last year was enabled through a pfishing scheme whereby hackers first gained access to a third-party vendor that had access privileges with Home Depot. In the recent survey “Privilege Gone Wild 2” by global cyber … [More]

Securing Mobile Financial Access

by RaeAnne Marsh

Working with financial institutions to provide risk management solutions against the constant evolution of threats, Early Warning is building an ecosystem that will continue to match up with the threat over time. With no direct link itself to the end user, Early Warning’s strategy is collaboration among companies with their own expertise and a consortium model in sharing data … [More]