Truly Going Digital

by Mike Hunter

Capturx Software from Adapx speeds data capture and collaboration by turning natural speech, sketch and handwriting into actionable data in Microsoft Office, SharePoint, CRM, ERP, GIS, C2, C4ISR systems and many other back-end systems. Simply by speaking and writing, teams get instant access to structured data collected on paper, touchscreens, mobile devices and wall displays. … [More]

Get on the Right Page 

by Mike Hunter

Increasing use of mobile and online tools by consumers means buyer preferences are constantly changing. To keep up, reps are spending an average of 50 percent of their time sifting through department data to find the right info to reach the right target. A new survey by Televerde shows that 60 percent of sales and marketing departments are not on the same page on customer … [More]

Small Business Wins Big with Arizona Consumers

by Ellen Joyce Conroy

Arizonans have embraced the national trend of patronizing small businesses in overwhelming numbers. Eighty-eight percent of Arizona consumers support small businesses in their communities by buying small at least once a week, and 64 percent buy small two or more times a week, according to the 2015 Cox Consumer Pulse on Small Businesses. For the third year in a row, Cox … [More]

The Montauk

by MIke Hunter

Inspired by the town of Montauk at the tip of Long Island, this open and airy eatery is already a favored hot spot for lunch. The beach-y look and the coastal-inspired menu make this a unique addition to the weekday lunch scene. Sandwiches, salads and light traditional dishes will make any diner feel like he or she is having a quick lunch seaside. Start with the Clam Chowder … [More]

Noontime Breakfast

by Mike Hunter

Making the first meal of the day the choice also for the second is becoming a very popular way to do lunch, and breakfast places are opening up all around the Valley. Here are some of our picks for great midday morning fare. Butterfield’s Pancake House Butterfield’s has created a variety of breakfast specialties that are served all day long. Choices span a multitude of … [More]

2015 BMW Alpina B7 Sedan

by Mike Hunter

“Exclusive” and “powerful” are two ways to describe the 2015 BMW Alpina B7 Sedan. It is a limited, hand-finished production vehicle that can be so customized that it truly becomes personal. The 540-horsepower, 4.4-liter, TwinPower Turbo V8 engine offers 538 lb-ft of torque and hits 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds. Customizing this powerful beauty is all about choices and bringing … [More]

Speak Clearly

by Mike Hunter

The office speaker phone is a useful tool. The latest devices are very sophisticated and offer some incredible options to make for a very productive meeting, whether participants are in the room or taking part remotely. Here are our picks: Konftel 55W This speaker phone by Konftel is an easy-to-use, compact conference device with impressive, crystal-clear sound thanks to … [More]

Do Less, Get More

by Mike Hunter

Anything is possible when you stop trying to do everything at the same time. Often, it’s fear that keeps us stuck in our patterns. If we’re super busy, then no one can say we’re not working hard. But there’s another way to live a life that’s both more enjoyable and more productive, if only we can break those routines. In Do Less, Get More, entrepreneur and bestselling author … [More]

Power Score

by Mike Hunter

The formula in this book is based on the most extensive research of its kind, spanning more than 15,000 careers with more than 9 million data points. The idea has been battle-tested for more than two decades by leaders in every major industry. It works. Successful leadership starts with three key questions: Do we have the right priorities? (Only 24 percent of leaders do.) Do we … [More]

Move Your Bus 

by MIke Hunter

Teamwork is crucial to the success of any business, and, as he illustrates, the members of any team are the key to unlocking success. Imagine a company as a bus filled with people who either help or hinder a team’s ability to move it forward: drivers (who steer the organization), runners (who consistently go above and beyond for the good of the organization), joggers (who do … [More]

Feedback: June 2015

by Robert Brannen, Ph.D.; Wendy Jameson; Alberto Osio

Question: Arizona has been recognized as a hotbed for startups, and technology is one of the hottest sectors. There are a number of accelerator and awards competitions that recognize technology startups. What has been the result, to your company, of winning one or more of these competitions? Robert Brannen, Ph.D. President Agave Semiconductor Sector: Technology Arizona … [More]

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