Is Our Technology Drought Over?

by Eric Jay Toll

Not long ago, disco was king and typewriters shared desktops with personal computers. The Valley of the Sun was known as the “Silicon Desert.” Chandler was its oasis. Motorola and Intel were its bedrock. People were still looking for the way to San Jose and Silicon Valley didn’t exist. “We were once the Silicon Desert,” reminisces Barry Broome, president and CEO of the … [More]

Charles Vermillion, OneNeck IT Services Corp.

from Charles Vermillion

Technology is sometimes portrayed in the media for its man-vs-machine role in workplace job losses. But it is also touted as an economic growth sector — in fact, it is one of the areas Arizona’s leaders have identified as key to the state’s development of a sustainable, strong, high-wage-based economy. A number of organizations, including the Arizona Technology Council, are … [More]

Equity-raising Opportunity Exists for Small Businesses

by Bahar Schippel and William A. Kastin

Owners of small businesses may find it easier to raise money in 2013. This is because, among the favorable tax breaks included under the American Taxpayer Relief Act (the “2012 Act”), there is a temporary extension of a provision that excludes 100 percent of gain arising from the sale of certain qualified small business stock (QSBS). This is a benefit small-business owners can … [More]

Company Culture: Framework for Success

by Dr. David “Doc” Vik

A culture is what makes a company unique. It is all about what, why and how a group of people or an organization does things. It also is about the language, mindset, traditions and values — which don’t cost much money, but there needs to be a structure that supports and maintains all these elements. Many companies I have visited want a great culture and try to do things … [More]

Tick, Tock, Tech: Our Place in Time

by Don Rodriguez

When it comes to the Phoenix metropolitan area’s evolution into a global technology center, don’t discount an impressive pedigree. The proof is in just one tech giant’s offspring that now dot the landscape: ON Semiconductor, Freescale, General Dynamics’ Advanced Information Systems and Iridium. From silicon solutions to global communications, all had their start as units of one … [More]

Change in Business: Threat or Opportunity?

by Ernest von Simson

Waves of change roll through the information technology sector roughly every fifteen years or so; for sectors outside IT, the waves may come less frequently but no less destructively. The IT experience can be viewed as a wind tunnel through which other businesses can pretest their survivability. The experiences in the following IT examples can be applied to businesses across … [More]

Doug Bruhnke: Building Local Globally

by Gremlyn Bradley-Waddell

Doug Bruhnke’s approach to business, instilled at a young age by family members and bolstered later by his experiences with Japanese culture, has long been, “Whatever it takes.” It’s that kind of no-holds-barred determination — the Japanese call it “ganbaroo,” a term loosely translated as “do your best” — that has brought the New York native success in his career, which … [More]

Arizona Admin Serves

by Mike Hunter

Few know the Arizona Department of Administration or that it has a website for Arizona State jobs, procurement with the State and other benefits for individuals and businesses. The site will also inform on public meetings and notices that pertain to Arizonans. … [More]

AZ TechCelerator Surprises

by Mike Hunter

The City of Surprise is a leader in mentoring of new and innovative business with its AZ TechCelerator program. Mentorships, discounted space and a City-supported drive to succeed are helping micro to small business. Apply online. … [More]

IRS is Your Partner in Business?

by Mike Hunter

The IRS is exploring opportunities to partner with organizations to help entrepreneurs in Arizona thrive in their business ventures, especially new sole proprietors. By providing links and downloadable PDFs, it gives proprietors a site to find information through tax publications, videos and social media. It also provides specific resource information in PDF format for … [More]