Healthcare in Today’s Workplace

by RaeAnne Marsh

Whatever may happen on the government front, healthcare remains an important concern of doing business for employers. Competitive benefits — which includes a good health plan — is a key tool in recruiting and retaining talent, says Brian Cassidy, managing principal of Phoenix-based CCBG Architects. In fact, he says, for architecture firms and similarly licensed … [More]

David Allazetta, UnitedHealthcare of Arizona and New Mexico

from David Allazetta

Healthcare across the U.S., and certainly here in Arizona, is evolving quickly, particularly as it becomes evident that wellness is a key to overcoming many of the potential healthcare challenges we may face as we age. New technologies such as wearable devices, mobile apps and Web-based tools are being introduced to consumers and workforces, aimed at meeting each individual on … [More]

Health & Business

by Rick McCartney

There was a time when, if healthcare was provided to employees, it was farmed out and as much a part of business as a service call. Today, it is integral to each of our businesses and much more than just a line item. Healthcare has become a part of how we employ, incentivize and retain people to build our companies. In this issue, we take an advance look at what businesses need … [More]

Business Fronts for 2017

by Mike Pongon

It’s been a unique start to 2017. The first quarter brought us an interesting mix of uncertainty coupled with overall steady conditions and solid job growth. As we move into the second quarter, the opportunity for meaningful, dynamic gains is very real, and I advise business leaders to think boldly about growth. In fact, it’s time that they step on the gas as they examine their … [More]

Better Hiring and Recruiting

by David Dourgarian

For employers and recruiters alike, there is no better feeling than finding and landing the perfect candidate whose skills are aligned with the open position and is ideal for company culture. However, it can also be extremely frustrating when hiring and recruiting don’t work out for the best. A company’s bad hiring choices can lead to costly mistakes that benefit no one. Bad … [More]

Employee Retirement Plans Are for Small Businesses, Too

by Andrew Denney

Small-business owners probably think they have enough headaches already, what with meeting payroll, dealing with government regulations and pleasing customers. After all, setting up a retirement plan for their employees is just extra red tape and possibly expense — headaches that they can do without — right? But creating such a plan is more doable than they may realize and … [More]

Adaptive Reuse: Breathing New Life into Old Buildings

by Adam Baugh

One of the unexpected successes arising out of the last recession is the rebirth and renewed interest in older, historically significant buildings. In many ways, they have enjoyed a renaissance in being repurposed again. This process, known as adaptive reuse, is the tailoring of old structures for new purposes other than those initially intended. As old buildings outlive their … [More]

Life After a Campaign

by Richard Tollefson 

Life after a successful campaign is filled with rewards and benefits. New buildings, improved facilities, innovative programming, expanded services, research and scholarships, and working capital infuse nonprofits with a sense of momentum. Campaigns also bring enhanced visibility, strengthened reputation and increased community impact that makes future fundraising less … [More]

Shawn Linam: Challenging the Odds in Aerospace

by Amanda Ventura

Shawn Linam started her career training astronauts to use the robotic arm on the Space Shuttle. In 2001, she co-founded Qwaltec, a satellite operations and mission readiness firm, which she doubled in size in two years. Headquartered in Tempe, Qwaltec has an office in Maryland as well as employees in California, Colorado and New Mexico. It has subcontracted on projects with the … [More]

How to Make a Good First Impression with a Website

by Alexis Krisay

A brand has one chance to make a first impression. In this fast-paced digital world, there are many opportunities for a potential customers or stakeholders to learn about a company and have that first impression before any actual conversation even happens. That means a company’s digital presence has to be rock solid, and it all starts with a website. No matter what purpose … [More]

Technology Innovation for the Legal Market

by Mike Hunter

The cost and risk of paper records are a severe business burden. Law firms and corporate legal departments, as a result, are migrating to a fully electronic matter file to improve efficiency and security for their clients; alleviate compliance and audit processes for the firm; and deliver increased mobility, collaboration and productivity for attorneys. DocSolid, a market … [More]

Fundraising Platform

by Mike Hunter is an innovative new type of fundraising platform for nonprofits. From online charitable fundraising for Fortune 500 companies to school fun-runs, Arizona-based RallyUp is helping organizations simplify all aspects of fundraising campaigns. The company focuses on next-generation philanthropy that involves donors more directly in the causes they love. Founded in … [More]

The Evolution of Data in Healthcare

Nancy Ham

In recent years, we’ve seen a sizable shift toward a data-driven healthcare system, but we still have some distance to go before it becomes the norm. Providers are beginning to decipher how to efficiently leverage the right data sets — and technologists are still in the process of building systems capable of sharing that data across the entire healthcare network in a meaningful … [More]

Paid Sick Leave Impacts Preventive Care

by Cyleste C. Collins, Ph.D.; Patricia Stoddard Dare, Ph.D.; and Linda Quinn, Ph.D.

More than 20 million Americans have gained health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act and do not have to pay for 15 preventive screenings recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Yet, despite this advantage, many are not utilizing these lifesaving screenings and are contributing to the nation’s soaring healthcare costs, which reached a whopping $3 … [More]

Phoenix Shows Strength as Investment Market

by Dennis Desmond

After a slowdown that pushed large Phoenix office building sale activity down from 33 deals in 2015 to 22 deals in 2016, the office market got off to a strong start in the new year. Robust population growth, an expanding job market and strong corporate performance have helped institutional America overcome its uncertainty about buying this “late” in the real estate cycle. … [More]

GCU’s West-Side Commercial Hub

by Mike Hunter

Continuing its efforts to turn underutilized assets on the west side of Phoenix into bustling commercial enterprises, Grand Canyon University is developing a major commercial hub in an area of town that had fallen on hard times. The land at 27th Avenue and Camelback Road is now home to more than 2,700 Grand Canyon University employees; a newly opened 325,000-square-foot, … [More]

Florida REIT Attracted to Tempe

by Mike Hunter

Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT II, Inc. of Tampa, Fla., purchased a mission-critical network intensive data center facility in the heart of Metropolitan Phoenix. “The investment provides this non-traded real estate investment trust a fully stabilized property with a long-term institutional quality tenant to add to their growing portfolio,” says Mindy Korth, executive vice … [More]

Camelback Corridor Is Hot Area

by Mike Hunter

With a $24.65 million purchase, Lincoln Property Company has added 2777 Camelback to its Class A Phoenix office portfolio. The 104,618-square-foot building is located at 28th Street and Camelback Road, in a section of the Camelback Corridor undergoing a wave of new development. “The land surrounding 2777 Camelback is enjoying a major revival, thanks to multiple new development … [More]

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