Better Hiring and Recruiting

by David Dourgarian

For employers and recruiters alike, there is no better feeling than finding and landing the perfect candidate whose skills are aligned with the open position and is ideal for company culture. However, it can also be extremely frustrating when hiring and recruiting don’t work out for the best.

A company’s bad hiring choices can lead to costly mistakes that benefit no one. Bad hires will ultimately impact office productivity and employee morale. While there is no guaranteed way to completely avoid hiring errors, there are ways a company can significantly reduce the risks of choosing the wrong person while ensuring that it consistently attracts ideal candidates. The following tips will make a difference when it comes to hiring and recruiting skills.

Focus on the company’s brand. LinkedIn recently published its 2017 Global Recruiting Trends report ( that notes more than 80 percent of leaders acknowledge employer branding has a significant impact on their ability to hire talent. This report highlights how imperative it is to take the time to implement a strategy that will truly define your brand.

A company should focus on positioning itself as a reliable service. When it shows that it is willing to do everything it can to retain current clients, it will attract new ones — as well as potential employees impressed by the long list of clients loyal to the brand.

More work on company branding will attract the ideal candidates internally. By having a favorable employment brand, a company will increase employee loyalty and the likelihood that its top performers will continue to grow within that company. Investing in a strategy that will help the company set itself apart from the competition will reap rewards — both with new hires and current employees.

Don’t be afraid to use technology to help with recruiting. While it may seem that technology is taking over the world, sometimes it can truly be a blessing. Businesses should embrace the right technology tools, as having the right tools is critical to finding the perfect candidate for an open position, and keeping them happy once they’re hired.

Technology like social media platforms and online candidate profiles are a huge time-saver for companies looking for the perfect new hire. This opens the door for high-quality analytics programs, like those applied to customer data to help businesses make better strategic decisions. Recruiters can use this same technology to quickly and easily locate the best people for the job.

Companies should also consider how their existing HR software impacts the hiring process. If it creates a less-than-smooth transition during a new employee’s first few days on the job, it may be time to reevaluate the service. Business leaders should be sure to find a software solution that is constantly updating, providing both them and their employees the best service possible.

Focus on quality hires. With unemployment below 5 percent for the first time since 2008, it’s easy to lose focus on a quality hire and instead focus on getting someone to fill an open position as quickly as possible. It is better in the long run, though, for companies to set time aside to emphasize metrics that have a lasting impact on their business. Factors such as the length of stay, time to hire and the satisfaction of the hiring managers determine how well the team has done with new candidates.

Allowing the company to refocus on what matters most when bringing on someone new will probably show that collaboration is key. New recruits have the power to positively or negatively impact a workplace in many ways. Companies should work with their teams to make non-negotiables ahead of time and always seek out their feedback before putting out an offer, regardless of position level.

Recruiting has become increasingly competitive, especially with the rise of new technology that makes the process faster and more effective than ever before. When companies recruit more effectively, they can help their team cut back on mundane and time-consuming tasks to focus on what matters most — building and strengthening client relationships. If companies don’t embrace these tools, they won’t be able to land the best recruits and take their business to the next level.

Technology can do only so much; there is a time to, ultimately, go with the gut, approach hiring and recruiting from a quality over quantity perspective, and remember that the most important hires are the ones that were already made — so it is important that new ones complement the existing, unique company culture. A solid recruitment strategy is essential to great hiring, and it starts from creating a business environment that people want to be a part of.

David Dourgarian is president and CEO of TempWorks Software based in Eagan, Minn. His accomplishments within the company include launching the payroll funding and payroll processing divisions, as well as engineering a substantial software partnership with Sterling National Bank.

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