Mónica Villalobos

Q: What most notably stands out about your leadership style or what is an example of leadership success you can share with our readers? I have been described as a servant leader and I consider my team to be my internal customers. I am charged with empowering them and enabling them to do their best work. It is a small but mighty team stretching a $3-million budget to make a … [More]

Health & Wellness Goes Beyond Nutrition & Exercise … and It’s a Growth Industry

from Laurie McCartney

Health & Wellness Goes Beyond Nutrition & Exercise … and It’s a Growth Industry There is a shift toward more interest around health and wellness in our society, which is serving as an opportunity to make the future of work more beneficial for both employees and employers. Finding ways to better serve employees by making them healthier and happier — whether it’s with … [More]

Inside View of the Pandemic – and Tips to Nurture Employee Mental Health

from Beth Nillen

As a former ICU nurse in a Level One Trauma Center, who worked on the front lines during COVID-19, I can speak to many lessons learned that we need to remember — because the pandemic is not going away. The pandemic brought to light that work does not always need to be performed within the confines of an office. Although there will always be a time and a place for in-person … [More]

Amplifying Virtual Care and Mental Health Services

from Kim Shepard

The biggest change in healthcare during the past three years of the pandemic is the exponential growth in virtual care — 76% of people are now interested in using telehealth vs 11% in 2019. One in three visits will be virtual in the future — our customers recognize the convenience of accessing care from their smartphones or computers wherever, whenever they need it without … [More]

Positive Strategies Combat the Pandemic’s Impacts

from Pam Kehaly

Without a doubt, the past few years have been challenging for many businesses and their employees here in Arizona. Many have dealt with strains and changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, such as moving to a remote work environment, keeping employees healthy and happy, and maintaining culture and connectivity. We are in a time where flexibility, work-life balance, and mental, … [More]

Transforming Healthcare with Value-Based Care and Health Equity

from Hugh Lytle

Employers continue to struggle with healthcare costs and how much benefit they can provide for the dollar. It comes down to the quality of the care that's provided to their employees and the ability to easily access high-quality, high-value care. We are seeing a few major trends converging in the healthcare industry today. First is the shift to value-based care (VBC), which … [More]

Make Employees Better Healthcare Consumers in a Holistic Landscape

from Will Spong

The past two-plus years have vastly changed the world of healthcare and employee benefits. We’ve had to adopt — and adapt to — new technologies and ways of operating. Specifically related to healthcare, one of the biggest changes has been around education and steerage. Businesses have deployed apps, telehealth services, concierge-type offerings and other solutions to educate … [More]

Innovate with VDPC and Overlay Plans

from Casey Strunk

As a means to reduce rising healthcare costs, innovative solutions are rising to the surface. One such solution is known as virtual direct primary care (VDPC). This has been one of our largest initiatives over the past 12 months as the rules around virtual medicine have expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this model, physicians, pediatricians and internists charge a … [More]

Support the Whole Employee – Including Quality of Life

from Leslie Tarnacki

We’ve seen an almost overnight shift in the way people work and a shift in the balance of power from employers to employees. This is especially true in hard-hit industries like healthcare, retail and hospitality, where the business is the people and without whom there is no ability to meet the customer’s needs. To attract and retain employees, businesses are required to … [More]

How Blue Zones Can Transform a Community

from Todd LaPorte

Communities throughout the United States partner with Blue Zones to promote well-being by making lasting changes to policies and infrastructure where people spend the most time so that healthy choices are easier. The term “Blue Zones” comes from areas around the world where people live measurably longer and better-quality lives and is rooted in the explorations and research … [More]

Healthcare: Technological Advances, Financial Challenges

from Steve Purves

While I have intimate knowledge of the conversations happening here in Arizona around how changes in healthcare delivery affect the business community, I also have the privilege of learning from my colleagues across the country. Having just stepped down as board chair for America’s Essential Hospitals, an organization dedicated to advocacy for hospitals and health systems … [More]

Mary Jane (MJ) Rynd

I’ve been told I inspire others by treating every person with care and kindness, with a spark in my eye conveying interest in them and what they are working on. Why do you believe honoring achievement is important? There are several reasons that recognizing achievement is important. First, recognition inspires the recipient to keep working on things they care about, … [More]

Rachel Aja

A humble and consistent commitment to seek out different opinions, uplift my community, and encourage others to be their authentic selves. Why do you believe honoring achievement is important? Honoring achievement shines a light on the good work that is being done by people who often don’t seek recognition. When we recognize people for their achievements, no matter how … [More]

Patricia Garcia Duarte

My passion for fair and equitable housing opportunities inspires others. Why do you believe honoring achievement is important? By honoring achievement and recognizing someone’s accomplishments, several important steps occur. First, achievements or accomplishments are typically in response to certain challenges that the community is experiencing. To honor someone’s success, … [More]

Kathleen Duffy

I operate from a place of trust, seeing and believing the best in others, oftentimes before they do. Why do you believe honoring achievement is important? Honoring achievement is to regard or treat someone with admiration and respect for something they have succeeded in doing, especially after much effort. Rarely do people achieve their dreams and goals overnight — it is … [More]

Debbie Esparza

I try to come into spaces as my authentic self, full of love and joy. This encourages others to share the lead and co-create. Why do you believe honoring achievement is important? Honoring achievement is important, and what is even more important to me at this stage in my life is being able to activate that achievement for the betterment of the community, not just for self. … [More]

Jackie Halleen

I strive to embody our company’s culture every day by leading by example and living our core values: innovation, trust, collaboration, ownership and engagement. Why do you believe honoring achievement is important? Achievement looks different to everyone. It could be one small action that contributes to the big picture of a project or, alternatively, a huge contribution … [More]

Sheila Kloefkorn

I’m driven to make the world a better, more empathetic place for all people. Why do you believe honoring achievement is important? Being named a 2022 Woman of Achievement is such an honor because of the women of tremendous achievements who received this award before me. These women are my idols, partners and my continued daily inspiration to make a difference in our … [More]

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