The Power of Embracing Diversity

by Hortense le Gentil

How can one nurture collective alignment while encouraging diversity? When dealing with cultures, modes of thinking, backgrounds or outlooks different from our own, creating and maintaining alignment by communicating effectively and adjusting to new circumstances or environments is particularly crucial — and challenging. It’s important to note that alignment does not mean … [More]

Finding Comfort in the Awkwardness 

by Joanna C. de’Shay

The idea of having an uncomfortable conversation about race or racism is right up there with getting those wisdom teeth pulled that many people dread having done but know is essential to having and maintaining good oral health. No one likes or even wants to do it, but everyone knows that, at some point in life, they will have to be brave enough and strong enough to just get it … [More]

The Hidden Threat of Microaggressions 

by Dr. Joel Martin 

Microaggressions are communications that are conscious and intentional, unconscious, and/or intended to be complimentary. Whether intentional or unintentional, conscious or unconscious, microaggressions are negatively inflicted upon a group of people due to their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or culture. Microaggressions are a form of discrimination. They are … [More]

Moving Beyond Conversations to Address Systemic Inequities

by Saray Lopez, Dr. Christina Neider and Tondra Richardson

As calls for social reform persist, people continue to look to leaders to champion a more diverse, inclusive and equitable society. A critical first step is to create safe spaces for conversations to promote an overall understanding of the impacts and outcomes of systemic inequity. But it’s time to move beyond this. It’s time to implement solutions.  While it may be … [More]

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