December 2018 President’s Message

by Steven G. Zylstra

Like most people in fall 2009, it was hard not to still feel the effects of the slow recovery after the Great Recession that technically ended in June of that year. A national employment rate that hit 10 percent in October was perhaps the most telling sign of how bad things still were. I had… [More]

Introduction to Israel

by Steven G. Zylstra and Leib Bolel 

There’s no denying the international outreach of the Arizona Technology Council. President and CEO Steven G. Zylstra has added his signature to an agreement formalizing a bilateral relationship that promotes growth and expands business opportunities for the Greater Phoenix and Hermosillo metropolitan regions. China was the destination for past trade missions he helped lead. And… [More]

Report update reveals good news for paychecks, venture capital

by Don Rodriquez

Whether you were looking for a better payday last year or an increase in venture capital this year, Arizona’s technology industry was the place to be. Those are a few of the highlights from the recent quarterly update of the Arizona Technology Council Industry Impact Report based on data collected from sources such as the… [More]

Change for the Better

by David Lee

In an environment of exponential change — especially in the field of technology — every organization faces daunting questions of how it will adapt to add value for its constituents and community.  With this in mind, the Arizona Technology Council continuously reviews and tests its value proposition. To assist with the latest analysis, the Council… [More]

Whole New World

First-hand account from student participant in the Chief Science Officers Program

Editor’s note: The Chief Science Officers Program, a collaborative initiative of the Arizona Technology Council Foundation and Arizona Commerce Authority, recently brought together members from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Oregon, as well as Kuwait and Mexico for its CSO International Summit in Washington, D.C. The event gave the students opportunities to position themselves in front… [More]

Blockchain Technology

by Fredric Bellamy

Blockchain, the technology principally known for powering Bitcoin, will be the focus of presentations by speakers and panelists at the Arizona Technology Council’s third annual Cybersecurity Lunch Forum on held Dec. 12. The forum organized by the Council’s Cybersecurity Committee will be co-hosted by the Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA)/Arizona InfraGard. The event will… [More]

Steven G. Zylstra Summer 2018 Message

by Steven G. Zylstra

It’s not often that you get a front row seat to history. Make that the driver’s seat. That’s what has been happening in Arizona, which has turned into a high-profile technology proving ground for autonomous, or “self-driving,” vehicles. Consider some of the companies that have turned our roads into their labs — Google, Ford, General… [More]

Impact of an Industry

by Don Rodriguez

It was a rather simple question: How many technology-based companies are in Arizona?  A few publications had put the total at more than 8,000. But staff at the Arizona Technology Council weren’t buying it since they didn’t see that many companies as they made their contacts in the sector here. They needed some proof. That… [More]

Vote TechSmart

by Don Rodriguez

As every other session of the Arizona Legislature ends, the campaigning to fill seats of both chambers in the next session begins in earnest. But long before the drop of the gavel, a small group of people has already been working on the election outcome — except you won’t find any of their names on… [More]

Breaking the Mold

by Don Rodriguez

It’s not the norm.  When it comes to presentations at the Institute for Learning Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers conference, it’s not the supposed-to-be-the-adults learning — let alone even hearing — from children. But then again, participants in the Chief Science Officers (CSO) program do anything but follow the norm. Recipients of National… [More]