President’s Message

by Steven G. Zylstra

Arizona’s technology industry is thankful to have a leader like Sen. Kyrsten Sinema working hard in Washington to address some of the most pressing issues Arizonans … no, make that all Americans face today. This goes double for her recent announcement that she and Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi together will take up the matter of net neutrality to advance a bipartisan, … [More]

Incentives for Innovation

by Don Rodriguez

Keeping the lights on today and even tomorrow. For a small business, achieving such a simple goal signals to the owner that there is a chance of making it past the early stage in the life cycle. But financial results of participants in Arizona’s Small Business Capital Investment Incentive Program offer the hope for small business owners to do more than just make it. Companies … [More]

Top Talent On Board

by Don Rodriguez

Two CEOs of their organizations and two vice presidents for their companies are the newest members of the Arizona Technology Council board of directors after being elected unanimously to serve three-year terms at the quarterly board meeting in January. “This group of dynamic leaders has worked in Arizona’s technology community for many years and knows what it takes to advance … [More]

Mini-themes Are Part of Magazine’s Move to Blog

by Don Rodriguez

Bio. Fintech. Energy. Smart Cities. Those are just a few of the themes that have been covered recently in TechConnect, the magazine launched by the Arizona Technology Council nearly 15 years ago to cover the state’s science and technology industry. But it’s time to hit the reset button. The Council and its publishing partner, the Arizona Commerce Authority, are transitioning … [More]

Strong Start

by Don Rodriguez

Think of the one thing that an organization ideally wants more than anything to complete its biggest project. Most would say “plenty of time” is that precious must-have. So, when a team charged with launching the Arizona Technology Council’s new association health plan (AHP) — the first health program specifically designed for small technology employers in the state — received … [More]