October 2019 President’s Message

by Steven G. Zylstra

It’s no secret that the Arizona Technology Council can’t exist without the support of its members. That’s why our team at the Council does everything it can to provide the types of services that help our members move the ball forward. From events that help members stay abreast of new trends to providing an outlet where they can spread the word about job openings to ongoing … [More]

Leveling the Playing Field

by Don Rodriguez

There was a time when benefits were the last thing anyone asked about when accepting a new job. After all, it seemed like every position, especially those for professionals, offered a package at an affordable price — if anything at all was paid — so the new employee could focus on what he or she was hired to do: work. Different time, different world. It’s no longer a … [More]

Association Health Plan Features

by Don Rodriguez

Health Program Bundle The Arizona Technology Council Association Benefits Program offers a comprehensive health insurance product bundle that includes: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Medical – 15 different medical plans on four networks Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Dental – Five dental options, including a Dental HMO you can pair with a Dental PPO VSP – Five … [More]

Future Maker

by Don Rodriguez

If there’s one word that best describes how the SciTech Institute has left its mark, it’s “advanced.” The organization grew what some considered a science fair for kids into its namesake statewide festival that has entire communities thinking about opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). It has established the Chief Science Officers program that … [More]

Familiar Territory

by Don Rodriguez

The tide may be turning where it comes to a large portion of Arizona college students preparing for STEM careers then taking their degrees to another state after graduation. This is a conclusion included in the most recent update of the Arizona Technology Council Industry Impact Report, which uses data from different sources to offer a glimpse of trends in the state’s … [More]