HR Teams Use Next-Gen Technologies to Win the Talent War 

by Komal Dangi

Artificial Intelligence is currently revolutionizing human resources. Although seemingly contradictory, AI automates repetitive tasks and allows managers to focus on what really matters — the people. AI’s emergence in HR is bringing the human element back to human resources, as workers can now spend more time on actually dealing with people (instead of tedious tasks that can be … [More]

Fast-Food Giant Sees Potential in Decision Logic Technology 


The recent announcement that McDonald’s is spending more than $300 million to acquire Dynamic Yield Ltd., a tech company that is on the cutting-edge of “decision-logic” technology, has led some folks to wonder why a company like McDonald’s would want to sink such massive funding into a tech company.  “Chains like McDonald’s have been acquiring intellectual property and/or … [More]

Facilitating an Investor-Entrepreneur Fit

by Mike Hunter

RateMyInvestor provides a free, secure and vetted review platform that’s data-rich to aid both founders and investors in their decision making. It was founded by Austin Stofer, who recognized sometimes investors find little research to augment their gut instinct about a company while entrepreneurs encounter similar challenges searching for that ideal venture capitalist. Built … [More]

Own the A.I. Revolution

by Mike Hunter

Artificial Intelligence is on the verge of disrupting every domain of human existence. What does that mean for one’s business? Everything. Building on the power of AI is the factor that will determine success or failure in the very near future — and this in-depth guide from the man who designed the AI system that famously won Jeopardy provides everything one needs to be a … [More]

The Age of Intent

by Mike Hunter

Have you ever wished that every company you interacted with could just know what you wanted and go get it for you? That, when you picked up the phone or opened a chat window, the company would use what it knew about you to anticipate your needs? We are on the verge of a future just like that. The age of intent is a world where the smartest of chatbots — virtual agents — are … [More]