Résumé for Half a Job?

by Mike Hunter

Job sharing is a growing trend in the workforce. But with two people occupying one job and sharing the responsibilities, how does one go about crafting an appropriate résumé? Enhancv has launched a tandem résumé tool — the only résumé crafted specifically for job sharing — through a partnership with Tandemploy, an SaaS platform for flexible work options.… [More]

Music Platform Innovates on Innovation

by RaeAnne Marsh

Streaming music lies at the basis of Arena Music’s business operations, but its success comes from taking that technology and giving it an innovative twist in the business plan. In fact, “It’s more about doing everything opposite,” says founder Damon Evans, referring to the major subscription-based music streaming platforms. “Arena is an on-demand merchandise storefront… [More]

Locksmithing via Cloud

by Mike Hunter

KeyMe takes a new approach to locksmithing, a $7.5-billion industry, using a digital scan that is securely stored in the cloud. KeyMe comes in the form of both a kiosk and an app, and allows users to store, share and duplicate their physical keys Customers can instantly make copies of their keys at a kiosk.… [More]

Partnering in Delivery

by Mike Hunter

In a strategic partnership, OnTrac, which specializes in delivery services throughout the eight western-area states, and AB&R® (American Barcode & RFID) have joined forces to address issues in mobility and route management, and package tracking. AB&R is working together with OnTrac to move their devices over to AndroidTM devices. The Android operating system is much… [More]

Investor-Entrepreneur Connection

by Mike Hunter

Pitch Investors Live is a new app from 2UP Technology, Inc. that connects entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea into a reality with angel investors who are looking to find great new companies in which to invest. Using live video, it provides a practical yet virtual environment, for entrepreneurs to better understand angel investors and… [More]

Properties Market Online

by Mike Hunter

SetSchedule is a revolutionary technology-based real estate exchange marketplace that connects Realtors® with homeowners, buyers and investors who are looking to buy and sell properties. It aims to provide user-friendly communication tools to users. A recent round of financing from a team of angel investors will enable the company to better serve its wide membership… [More]

Aggregate Tech News 

by Mike Hunter

Stack News is a news aggregator for all the tools in a developer’s tech stack — a personalized, curated feed of the latest news, articles and changelogs for all the tools in its user’s stack. It combines news from sites like Hacker News, and Reddit; pulls in thousands of RSS feeds; and intelligently detects the… [More]

3-D Transforming Business

by Linda Capcara

Jack King, founder and CEO of DustRam LLC, has spent his entire career in flooring, and, 15 years ago, founded Arizona Home Floors, LLC. In 2008, high-end  flooring took a huge hit when the market for new housing construction collapsed. Since remodeling became the only game in town, he went to work on an invention… [More]

McDonald’s ‘Snaplications’

by Mike Hunter

For the 250,000 restaurant employees McDonald’s and its independent franchisees anticipated hiring for the summer (4,200 in Arizona), McDonald’s implemented a modern approach to recruiting — Snapchat. “Snaplications,” a term coined by McDonald’s, is a first-to-Ωmarket hiring tool in the U.S. that allows job seekers to be served an ad and opportunity to begin the… [More]

Tech-Enabled Collaboration

by Mike Hunter

Bolste has joined Current, powered by GE’s partner ecosystem, aiming to provide collaboration and communication technology to customers and partners worldwide. Bolste’s all-in-one platform provides all the familiar collaboration tools a team needs for optimal alignment, increased productivity and cohesive, instant communication with those that matter most. The platform allows teams to plan, align, communicate… [More]