Tool Tracks Company Alumni

by Mike Hunter

ENGAGE Talent, an AI software company that offers the Total Talent Intelligence™ solution to help companies improve talent acquisition, engagement and retention and predict company and market performance, has released a new alumni engagement product that aggregates and tracks alumni data, mapping talent and analyzing movements in the industry, to provide companies with … [More]

Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship under Avnet’s Wing

by RaeAnne Marsh

Avnet, a leading global technology solutions provider is committed to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship at every stage. The company continues to sponsor the ASU Innovation Open, and continues to make its Ask Avnet program available for engineers. This is part of Avnet’s long history of actively encouraging innovation in the technology sector. “As nextgeneration … [More]

Paranoia and the Big Attention Gap

by Mike Hunter

The problem with industrial espionage is not only that is growing in volume and complexity every day, but that its threat is being used by rivals and governments to discredit perfectly honest and legitimate businesses that do not deserve the slur. What is also curious is that the danger need not be only non-existent, but not even something an individual rival is greatly … [More]

Re-Engineering the Media Supply Chain

by Mike Hunter

Research by the company across more than 60 campaigns over the past two-plus years has shown that digital advertising wastes some 47 percent of impressions. Commerce Signals gives brands the marketing reflexes they need to redirect that inefficient spend toward more effective approaches, doubling media effectiveness. Commerce Signals is just beginning to unleash the power of … [More]

Engagement Platform for Mobile Workforce

by Mike Hunter

StaffConnect, a leading provider of mobile employee engagement solutions for the deskless workforce, recently released its Series 3. Redesigned from the ground up, the new SaaS platform transforms the way organizations engage with their workforce and delivers an entire employee engagement solution-in-a-pocket. Powerful feedback tools such as pulse surveys reported in minutes … [More]