The Lean Strategy

by Mike Hunter

A lean strategy is about gaining a competitive edge by offering better quality products at competitive prices and making a sustainable profit by eliminating waste through engaging employees in discovering deeper ways to think about their own jobs and smarter ways of working together. In its current form, lean has been radically effective, but its… [More]

Even Successful CEOs Need Peer-to-Peer Feedback

by Bennett Curry

Patrick Stafford’s Phoenix-based business has a front-row seat to the global economy. His tower cranes are shipped all over the world — anywhere there’s a building boom and a need for a 300-foot crane to help change the skyline. His equipment has been on construction sites in Dubai, Ireland, Guam, Brazil, Uganda and Peru —to… [More]

Leadership Material

by Mike Hunter

Viewing them as “touchy feely,” intangible and invisible, most leaders separate their personal lives from their professional lives. Diana Jones, an executive coach for 30-years, argues that this is unwise. In fact, the “soft side” of leadership — empathy, compassion and authentic communication derived from personal experience — is both powerful and essential to enhancing… [More]

Managing at the Leading Edge

by Mike Hunter

This book highlights lessons from the navigation and piloting practices used in high-performing sailing. In the contemporary “white water” business environment, as at sea, achieving goals requires choosing a destination amidst uncertainty, adjusting to continually shifting conditions, converting the push and pull of environmental forces into momentum and using different skills at different times to… [More]

Managing Oneself

by Mike Hunter

Peter Drucker is widely regarded as the father of modern management, offering penetrating insights into business that still resonate today. But Drucker also offers deep wisdom on how to manage our personal lives and how to become more effective leaders. In these two classic articles from Harvard Business Review, Drucker reveals the keys to becoming… [More]

The Top Ten Ways to Be a Great Leader

by Mike Hunter

This is the sequel from Hans Finzel, Ph.D., to his popular book The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make. That book is about what to avoid; this one is about what to master. In this book, he outlines the positive traits and skills every new leader should master. He shows readers the two most important words… [More]

The Compassionate Achiever

by Mike Hunter

A powerful, practical guide for cultivating compassion — the scientifically proven foundation for personal achievement and success at work, at home and in the community. For decades, we’ve been told the key to prosperity is to look out for number one. But recent science shows that, to achieve durable success, we need to be more… [More]

Global Businesses and HR Leaders Are Failing to Deliver Future Leaders

by Anthony Abbatiello

Given constantly changing market dynamics, new technologies, shifting government regulations and evolving customer expectations, leaders must understand and respond effectively to seismic shifts that affect their businesses. Traditional leadership development programs are failing to deliver collaborative and visionary business leaders, according to new research from Bersin by Deloitte entitled “High-Impact Leadership: The New Leadership Maturity Model.”… [More]

Leadership in the Era of Digital Disruption

by Dushyant Sukhija

The rapid advancement of technology continues to change the world — and the marketplace — faster than many businesses can keep up with, disrupting all their plans and threatening to render them obsolete. It may be time for business leaders to take the initiative and start doing a little disrupting of their own. In this… [More]

The 9 Types of Leadership

by Mike Hunter

In the past few years, mindfulness and other approaches to self-awareness have begun to transform the American workplace. The 9 Types of Leadership provides a pathway to greater self-awareness and social skillfulness, helping one orient oneself when caught up in people problems that one doesn’t know how to work one’s way out of. By providing… [More]