The Compassionate Achiever

by Mike Hunter

A powerful, practical guide for cultivating compassion — the scientifically proven foundation for personal achievement and success at work, at home and in the community. For decades, we’ve been told the key to prosperity is to look out for number one. But recent science shows that, to achieve durable success, we need to be more… [More]

Global Businesses and HR Leaders Are Failing to Deliver Future Leaders

by Anthony Abbatiello

Given constantly changing market dynamics, new technologies, shifting government regulations and evolving customer expectations, leaders must understand and respond effectively to seismic shifts that affect their businesses. Traditional leadership development programs are failing to deliver collaborative and visionary business leaders, according to new research from Bersin by Deloitte entitled “High-Impact Leadership: The New Leadership Maturity Model.”… [More]

Leadership in the Era of Digital Disruption

by Dushyant Sukhija

The rapid advancement of technology continues to change the world — and the marketplace — faster than many businesses can keep up with, disrupting all their plans and threatening to render them obsolete. It may be time for business leaders to take the initiative and start doing a little disrupting of their own. In this… [More]

The 9 Types of Leadership

by Mike Hunter

In the past few years, mindfulness and other approaches to self-awareness have begun to transform the American workplace. The 9 Types of Leadership provides a pathway to greater self-awareness and social skillfulness, helping one orient oneself when caught up in people problems that one doesn’t know how to work one’s way out of. By providing… [More]

How a Breach of Trust Can Propel You Forward

by Drs. Dennis and Michelle Reina

It is a critical planning time of year. Your senior leadership team needs your analytical skills tuned in to improving not just capital growth but the systems underpinning that growth. What happens when the system in need of improvement is behavioral? In the September edition of In Business Magazine, Tyrone Benson, Ph.D., quality and reliability… [More]

Succession Planning Takes Work

by Michael Timms

Recruiting is broken! It is costly, outdated and misused. Succession planning, important to any business’s long-term success, is the underused, less expensive and more effective alternative to recruiting for difficult-to-find management positions. Realizing this dream, however, requires putting in place a solid road map so companies can identify their high-potential players and game plan for… [More]

What Difference Does Leadership Make?

by RaeAnne Marsh

“What difference does leadership make” may sound like a rhetorical question, but there’s value in understanding how our community continues to advance and improve opportunities for residents and businesses. To go beyond simply wanting something to making it happen requires purposeful decision making and a broad view of the impact. Working with Valley Leadership, which… [More]

Commonsense Leadership

by Mike Hunter

From rallying the team to hitting it out of the park, every leader needs to understand the mental game. It’s what separates winners from survivors, and champions from second place — it’s what gives one’s team the edge, and the strength to forge ahead through adversity. This book shows how to boost performance with tips… [More]

Lead Like a Guide

by Mike Hunter

Discover the leadership strengths of world-class mountain guides and see how developing and applying these principles can help one reach for the highest summits in work — and in life. Maxwell teaches key leadership lessons gained from a decade spent traveling with world-class mountain guides and more than 200 top business school participants. He shares… [More]

No Time for Teamwork? 

by Mario Moussa, Ph.D., and Derek Newberry, Ph.D.

“Culture?” The half-formed question hung in the air between the puzzled speaker and a room full of students. We were hosting Larry, a founder of three successful energy startups, as a guest lecturer in our seminar on corporate culture at the University of Pennsylvania. We had just asked the veteran entrepreneur what we thought was… [More]