Your Ideal Prospect/Client Needs You!

by Julie Cook

When was the last time you thought about connecting with your ideal prospect in the hopes of turning them into your ideal client: Today? Yesterday? Last week or month? Well, you are just like the rest of us. We all want to be in front of that person or business we have defined as our “Ideal Client.” Now, how do we go about doing that? Let’s just say you have a website that … [More]

Another Viewpoint about Women on Corporate Boards

by Ronit Urman

Throughout my year as president of NAWBO Phoenix, the issue of legislating women on boards, as they recently did in California, has been our most talkedabout subject. We have tried to potlight different viewpoints on the subject. This time, we found someone who has actually done it, and tried to get her point of view. We reached out to Chas Roberts A/C & Plumbing CEO … [More]

You Don’t Need a Headshot

by Karianne Munstedt

Two seconds. That’s how long a typical user will spend on your website or social media platform —unless something captures their interest. You have two seconds to make a connection. You have two seconds to tell a compelling story. What’s one thing that will hold their interest and cause them to stay for more than two seconds? Captivating visuals. So, if visuals are so … [More]

Seven Extraordinary Lessons for Accomplishing Your Dream Learned from a Nine-Year-Old and an Overboard Wish

by Jean Briese

My little one, Allie, is about to turn 10 years old. Being a social mediasavvy kid (she did grow up with a mom who worked in technology), she created a wish list on Amazon and sent me this message: “I really, really want this hoverboard. Can I get it?” “Sure,” I said. “Do you have enough money?” “I don’t have any money,” she replied. “I’m just a kid.” “You get … [More]

Balance Therapy: New Approach to Increase Productivity at Work

by Scott Bahneman

Did you know that sitting at a desk all day can actually be worse than smoking or eating donuts? Just think about how much time you spend each day in the sitting position. Don’t forget to include the time you spent commuting back and forth, the time spent at your desk, time spent sitting down for various meals, as well as any time spent watching TV or reading. Unfortunately, … [More]

Feedback: September 2019

by Amy Armstrong, Paige Heavey and Ruzica Markovic

What is the single greatest advantage to being in metro Phoenix, and how are you using it to benefit your business? AMY ARMSTRONG Interim CEO Social Venture Partners Arizona Sector: Philanthropy Phoenix may be the fifth-largest city in the country, but it has a small town feel when it comes to relationships. Most people are connected by what seems like just a few … [More]

Two Weeks’ Notice?

by Jennifer Ward

The last 20 years in the workplace have seen sweeping change: resume submission by paper in the mail to computerized applicant tracking systems, hard copy live paychecks to direct deposit, and completely cashless businesses. Longstanding practices and traditions have died out, whether as a result of being replaced by technological innovation or simply because they couldn’t keep … [More]

Corporate Culture & Employee Retention

by Ofir Paldi

Good companies invest in their employees. The reason is obvious. Happy employees tend to hang around and provide a return on that investment. But when it comes to employee retention, are companies investing in the right thing? In the Silicon Valley, the latest statistics show a new trend — one of unrest and high turnover. New employees stay on the new job between 1.8 and … [More]

Building an Alliance to Help Arizona

by Tyler Butler

In today’s economy, being a good corporate citizen has taken on a greater meaning than ever before. And the practice of respectable corporate citizenship has become increasingly more prevalent. Businesses understand that they can leverage what they do in order to positively impact society, and they are taking steps to activate these resources and help the communities where they … [More]

Co-working Is Disrupting Office Spaces

by Keri Davies

Working from non-traditional spaces was once the realm of artists, writers and road warriors. People joked about those with computers taking up seats at coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, not seeing the larger trend coming into play. Today, it’s becoming a much different story. It is forecasted that by the year 2020, up to half the U.S. workforce could be freelancers in … [More]

Turning Around a Distressed Organization

by Amir Glogau

Today’s everchanging political, business and social environment requires, more than ever, leadership that brings a holistic approach that can facilitate alignment of individuals and an organization in order to manifest desirable outcomes. It may sound trite, but when our intentions, choices and actions align, both at the individual and group level as well as at the … [More]

On-Demand Staffing for Hospitality

by Mike Hunter

Instawork, the leading on-demand staffing app for gig workers and hospitality businesses, recently launched in the Greater Phoenix area — and, in fact, is making Scottsdale its second headquarters. The app helps professionals in the industry find extra income opportunity and helps businesses staff their establishments and events, for instance helping a catering company that … [More]

10 Warning Signs of a Dysfunctional Corporate Culture

by Mike Hunter

The growing spotlight on dysfunctional corporate culture and its potentially devastating impact on organizations has given new urgency around the issue in boardrooms today. Research shows that 30 percent of M&A deals fail to achieve financial targets due to culture-related matters, and some studies suggest that even workplace incivility can have an average cost of … [More]

Navigating Arizona’s New LLC Act

by Andy G. Anderson, Esq.

Twenty-seven years ago, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 3301 and the price of a gallon of gasoline was $1.05, the Arizona legislature enacted its first Limited Liability Company Act. The prior law has been retired, updated by a comprehensive new law, signed by Gov. Ducey during the 2018 legislative session, that went into effect the first of this … [More]

Audit All Spend with AI

by Mike Hunter

AppZen, the world’s leading AI platform for modern finance teams, has expanded its platform to include the real-time audit of supplier invoices. By applying its award-winning AI-powered audit capabilities to invoices and contracts, AppZen can ingest and instantly read supplier agreements, such as contracts and MSAs as well as invoices submitted to accounts payable and other … [More]

Success and Something Greater: Your Magic Key

by Mike Hunter

In Think and Grow Rich – Success and Something Greater, authors Sharon Lechter (an In Business Magazine Lifetime Achievement Honoree in 2018) and Greg Reid once again join forces with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, including never-before-published original content from Napoleon Hill. In today’s world of instant news and social media, businesses, leaders and influencers must find … [More]

Vintage Atmosphere

by Mike Hunter

Food is only one part of the dining experience. The restaurant’s atmosphere enhances the menu. Here are three In Business Magazine favorites. BOBBY-Q Nationally recognized by barbecue aficionados, Bobby-Q offers a vintage countrified setting featuring reclaimed woodwork and antique gas lamp. The ribs are the star attraction here, slow cooked over almond and mesquite wood … [More]

OBON: Sushi and Serenity

by Mike Hunter

Dozens of gilt-colored cat figurines wave a choreographed greeting to patrons at OBON Sushi + Bar + Ramen, which recently added another Scottsdale location in McCormick Ranch. The décor otherwise is the epitome of simplicity, geometric lines from the table arrangement to chairs, along with chromatic neutrality of dark grey tiles and light woods, creating a sense of calm. … [More]

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