Turning Around a Distressed Organization

by Amir Glogau

Today’s everchanging political, business and social environment requires, more than ever, leadership that brings a holistic approach that can facilitate alignment of individuals and an organization in order to manifest desirable outcomes.

It may sound trite, but when our intentions, choices and actions align, both at the individual and group level as well as at the organization and society level, it leads to flow and harmony and less resistance. It allows prosperity, satisfaction and joy. This is also true for daily life, interacting with family, in the workplace and school.

A holistic approach to effective management, that encourages individuals and organizations to be the best possible version of themselves by aligning productivity and creativity, can fuel individual and organizational growth.

Intentions exist at two levels — both emotionally and physically to take the action. One should consider one’s intention in doing anything in life, from meditation and diet to reading and working. Once we practice paying attention to our intentions and make conscious intentions, we need to make sure we express them clearly to ourselves and those who need to hear them.

Choice relates to the choices we make every day. The choice to operate out of love or fear, the choice to focus on the challenge or the goal. In every situation, we are given the option to
choose the lens for which we see the world and apply a positive influence.

Action is composed of two elements:method and discipline. What time of day is most productive for me to communicate to others? Have I chosen the right method to communicate and is it being applied effectively? Are there tools available to communicate more efficiently? Choosing the right method and then applying it consistently is critical in anything we do in life.

Every organization that got to a distressed situation was misaligned on these three critical elements and got into a stress mode. Misalignment drives separation and is counterproductive to working together.

Amir Glogau is founder and managing partner of Citrine Capital Partners, and an international turnaround expert known for transforming distressed companies through his proprietary SOULeadership method.

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