Mental Health & the Workplace 

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Aside from a worker shortage, arguably the most significant issue facing employers is mental health,” says Peggy Chase, president and CEO of Terros Health. This reality has forced into the open a topic once too stigmatized to be spoken about. Arizona ranks 47th in the U.S. for access to mental health care, according to Sandra Zebrowski, M.D., corporate medical director of … [More]

A Proactive Approach to Employees’ Mental Health

by Casey Strunk

By taking a proactive approach, organization leaders and HR professionals can focus on building a resilient workforce, increasing the comfort around mental health conversations and designing benefits plans to meet current employee needs. The overall goal is to help today’s employees survive and thrive during uncertain times by cultivating a workplace that reduces the mental … [More]

Healthcare Worker Burnout Affects Everyone

by Dr. Kristen Ray

Most business owners and managers understand the importance of workplace wellness and how that affects productivity. But what happens when the healthcare workers providing care to the employees are not well?  Recently, it seems as though the discussion about healthcare workers and the pandemic doesn’t occur without the mention of “burnout.” World Psychiatry defines burnout … [More]

Vaccination Stress

by Dr. Edward Brodkin and Ashley Pallathra

Dialogue between the vaccinated and unvaccinated can be fraught with stress, and the issue is gaining urgency as businesses are bringing employees back to the company workplace.  How can those who are vaccinate best encourage their friends, family members or co-workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 when they’re still reluctant?  Some people don’t need much convincing … [More]

Dr. Caroline Carney, Magellan Health

from Dr. Caroline Carney

A topic that has traditionally been taboo, or at least stigmatized, has come to prominence over the past year: mental health. Maybe we can thank the pandemic for letting the topic become one that is openly discussed — although the pandemic is a big part of why. Even before the pandemic, the need for mental health and addiction services was on the rise. Look at the data … [More]

What’s the Secret for a Successful Family-Run Business?

by Liz Agboola 

Being an entrepreneur is difficult enough on its own, but adding a family to the mix creates another layer of challenges. Many family businesses struggle for a variety of reasons, including personal and professional conflicts, management hurdles, emotional stressors, lack of structure and a general loss of interest from one generation to the next. While family businesses … [More]

Ritoch Powell Associates Demonstrates the Power of Partnership

by Tyler Butler

The hallmark of a great social impact partnership lies in the synergy between the cause and the company. When missions align, passions prevail and communities connect, powerful change can be possible. And this is most certainly the case between Ritoch Powell Associates and its support of the Hance Park Conservancy. As an award-winning civil engineering and surveying firm … [More]

Hyperautomation Is Useless if Businesses Don’t Invest in a Solid Foundation

by Kevin Buckley

Hyperautomation is an idea being discussed and deployed by both the business and IT side of many businesses, large and small. In many cases, hyperautomation means different things to each group in terms of expected outcomes. I am often asked where and how business should invest to provide a solid foundation for hyperautomation. I think the answer may come as a surprise. Hint: … [More]

A Future-Forward Phoenix

by Diana Vasquez

As architects and designers, we are constantly recalibrating our approach to urban design with the goal of improving the quality of life and human experience. We believe that the future of our cities should combine socio-economic and ecological considerations that drive regeneration and shape communities where people and natural systems can coexist in balance. In a post-COVID … [More]

Team Synergy

by Jen Butler

Team issues and drama are in the top five of all stressors for business managers and owners. According to several studies, as much as 56% claim team issues contribute most to their stress levels. With this high number of leaders being stressed out by the people they employ, the people they depend on to help them serve clients and the majority of people who impact revenue, it’s … [More]

Execute Wisely and Strategically

by Bruce Weber

In my previous article, “Making Sense of the Puzzle” (August 2021), the topic was understanding how, once many ideas are generated, the ideation evaluation process occurs, and what remains and what goes. In this article, the focus is on the solid execution of those new ideas and moving the organization forward in creating the future it wants.  In 1916, Spencer Penrose bought … [More]

Tax Tips in Prep for Next Season

by Phil Wuollet

Small businesses can be complicated entities so even those that have already filed their taxes for this year can start planning ahead for next year. In fact, it is important to start thinking about potential tax issues and benefits, whether preparing for next tax season or filing an extension for this year. Doing so will save a business money — and can save it from an unwanted … [More]

Put Your Plan on Paper – Avoid Partnership Disputes Later

by Justin M. Brandt

Business partnerships, like marriages, can be a lifetime commitment, so choosing the right partner is an extremely important decision and should take significant vetting. Entering into business with someone who does not share the same vision, goals and strategic alignment can lead to unwanted issues in the future. It can, unfortunately, become costly and time consuming. There … [More]

Prepare for a Stronger Future with the Arizona Endowment Building Institute

by Kristen Mihaljevic

Nonprofit organizations provide essential services to our communities, stepping in to ensure people are housed, clothed, fed and feel safe. Yet, many nonprofits are surviving on limited resources. They must focus on running their operations, managing volunteers and communicating with donors, all while continuing to serve their clients. While many organizations are … [More]

Are Investors Missing This Huge Opportunity in Their Private Equity Due Diligence?

by Dr. Chris Croner

The competition to acquire high-quality companies is intense. Private equity firms each have their own methods for evaluating the current and future values of companies they wish to invest in: the product and service, leadership team, future scalability, and competition in the space. But there’s another piece that often gets overlooked, one that may hold the biggest key of all … [More]

MarTech Outcomes Depend on CMO-CIO Relationship

by Mike Hunter

As companies emerge from the pandemic, marketing and MarTech lie at the heart of the recovery. To optimize MarTech investments, marketing needs to have a very effective working relationship with IT that spans strategy, selection and management. Yet fewer than one out of four marketing organizations has such a relationship. A new report from the Chief Marketing Officer … [More]

ROXX Vodka – Refresh from Poland to Phoenix

by RaeAnne Marsh

“The recipe for the vodka was unique and just amazing!” says Angela Nielsen, explaining what attracted her to founding ROXX Vodka. “I had built two other successful businesses, so my entrepreneurial spirit was definitely the motivating factor. ROXX Vodka is an award-winning premium craft vodka imported from Poland, distilled six times using premium high-quality grains. ROXX … [More]

Dovly Aims to Give Credit Repair a Good Name

by RaeAnne Marsh

Dovly is an automated credit repair engine that tracks, manages, and fixes consumer credit. “Our proprietary algorithm identifies the issues and automates the credit report dispute process, utilizing an approach that is proprietary customized at the individual level for optimal impact,” says Nirit Rubenstein, CEO and co-founder, explaining, “My co-founder and I both immigrated … [More]

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