Funding for Business

by Gremlyn Bradley-Waddell

No doubt about it, there’s plenty of economic uncertainty in the world, let alone Arizona, today. But Valley bankers and those associated with the banking industry want entrepreneurs and owners of small and mid-sized businesses to know their institutions have been, and continue to be, ready to talk lending. “We’re all dying for loans,” asserts Candace Wiest, president and CEO … [More]

Robert Sarver, Western Alliance Bancorporation

from Robert Sarver

The economy in Arizona is steadily recovering and banks have increased lending to businesses. The past four years have been tough for big and small business alike, and there is no question that financial institutions have been tested through what has been the worst economic cycle since the Great Depression. Banks that have had access to capital and were proactive navigating … [More]

Golf: A Swing and a Walk Is Good for Business

by Glenn Swain

Every morning grounds crews on more than 420 Arizona golf courses activate sprinkler systems, meticulously manicure greens and rake sand traps in anticipation of the nearly 12 million rounds of 18-hole golf games played in the state each year. While the game of golf has a way of teaching humility, it equally has a way of pumping life into Arizona’s economy. According to … [More]

E-mail: Is It Casual Conversation or a Binding Contract?

by Jon Weiss and Dan Waite

In the good ol’ days of e-mail, the biggest downside was the occasional virus or an obscure spam invitation to support an even more obscure Nigerian military commander. Oh, how times have changed. Now, seemingly innocuous e-mail exchanges between business and client (or employee and a vendor) regarding a potential contract could be considered legally binding … “We Got a Deal … [More]

Dealing with ‘Difficult’ Colleagues Leads to Happier Customers

by Ron Kaufman

Too often, organizations promise satisfaction to external customers and then allow internal politics to frustrate their employees’ good intentions to deliver. It’s important to remember that customers aren’t the only ones who come through an organization’s door every day seeking quality service. Employees and company leaders also need to be served. If they’re not happy, it’s … [More]

Women Are Changing the Face of Business

by Michelle Patterson

Women are making a powerful difference in business, in today’s economy and in family life. The adage that there is power in numbers definitely applies. The United States Census Bureau states that women currently outnumber men in the U.S. by six million. Their impact in the marketplace, therefore, must not be underestimated, and, with that incredible power in their hands, women … [More]

If Cash Is King, then Working Capital Is God

by Dennis Niven

Working capital management is the most important management activity in emerging and mid-sized companies because of the significant financial impact that it has on the company’s well-being. While most CEOs and business owners have heard and accept that “Cash is King,” working capital is often the least understood and most poorly managed area of their companies. When working … [More]

Benito Almanza: Leveraging Life Lessons to become BofA State President

by Sue Kern-Fleischer

Benito Almanza’s office may be far from the farm fields he grew up on, but the lessons he learned as a child of farm laborers and the obstacles he overcame help guide him every day as the Arizona State President for Bank of America, in which position he coordinates all lines of business for the bank, including directing the work of 12,000 employees in Arizona. He also oversees … [More]

An Arizona Credit Union Part of International Partnership

by RaeAnne Marsh

Federación de Cajas Populares Alianza, a credit union association located in Guanajuato, Mexico, looking to expand its presence into the United States, has chosen to partner with Mountain West Credit Union Association, which has offices in Phoenix and Denver. “Alianza is eager to share insights as to how to serve the Latino members in the U.S. credit unions better,” says Victor … [More]

Bytes: October 2012

by Mike Hunter

iTunes Revisited Apple rolls out the new version of iTunes this month. The Mac- and PC-friendly edition will be a completely redesigned player, a “newly remodeled” store, and will include more iCloud features to make it a more simple-to-use version that promises not to throw the loyal Apple-ist off his or her game. Be in the Know: World Economic Survey Released The … [More]

Scottsdale Corner Joins Urban Redevelopment Trend

by RaeAnne Marsh

Part of a trend nationwide, a project currently under construction at Scottsdale Road and Lincoln Drive in Scottsdale is set to bring the economic stimulus of 264 luxury apartments to a developed urban area where amenities and infrastructure are already in place. The anticipated advantage to the city is retail activity — such as shopping and dining out — that will benefit local … [More]

Mining Project a 25-year Boon to Jobs and Business

by RaeAnne Marsh

The $40 to $50 million that Florence Copper plans to invest over the next 18 to 24 months on mineral extraction in Central Arizona will bring to nearly $100 million its expenditure on Phase I of the Florence Copper project. Phase II, planned to be $250 million, will begin the latter part of next year and will more than double Phase I’s investment. Noting this investment … [More]

On-demand Mobile App Testing

by RaeAnne Marsh

Mobile apps have become a hugely popular way for businesses to attract, engage and retain customers, but testing the apps for usability can be an equally huge process and expense. Offering an alternative to the traditional lengthy and costly testing that has been recognized as “best practices” but often prohibitive for any but the major companies, UserTesting recently added … [More]

Leadership: Business Trumps Politics

by Mike Hunter

A global leadership management group, The Korn/Ferry International, polled business executives and found 65 percent felt a business professional would do a better job leading this country than a politician. The survey noted that 43 percent agreed with the statement that “a corporate CEO is better skilled to serve as U.S. President,” while 34 percent disagreed. Of those … [More]

In the Raw: Stingray Sushi

by Mike Hunter

Set in an ultra-contemporary surrounding, Stingray Sushi is a unique take on the typical sushi restaurant in that it is taking its concept to a new level, fusing creative cuisine with Japanese-American classics. Holding true to its mission of tempting the senses, Stingray Sushi is where taste, sound and the visual come alive. For taste, Stingray can be that midday getaway … [More]

South of the Border

by Mike Hunter

Home to some of the best Mexican food “north” of the border, the Valley is a hot spot for new Mexican cuisine. Here are a few: America’s Taco Shop — Phoenix & Tempe There is one place in the Valley to get Carne Asada that is tender and crispy in all of the right ways. That’s America’s Tacos. A quaint “taco shop” with three locations to serve. Unique, Baja flare and … [More]

Write-Off: Business Gadgets

by Mike Hunter

Here are some great, new, innovative gadgets that can be written off. iTwin Multi iTwin allows users to access files remotely and collaborate with other people without trusting data to cloud services like Dropbox. This splittable USB device lets a computer access another system’s files once the two halves are plugged into two Web-connected machines. iTwin uses … [More]

Fuel Efficient: 2013 Lexus GS 450h

by Mike Hunter

Technology meets performance in this sports sedan by Lexus. The “gold standard” in the new automobile industry is combining speed and performance with fuel efficiency and eco-performance. Lexus is engineering such a vehicle with the GS 450h hybrid sports sedan. The Atkinson Cycle 60° V6, aluminum block and heads, direct and port fuel injection engine boasts an acceleration … [More]

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