Why I Should Have Known the Name of My Banker

by Shellie Berry

It was a great idea. But then … the Great Recession. Houses and neighborhoods popped up everywhere. Freeways lengthened; highways expanded. Pharmacies, grocery stores and hospitals burst into existence. Demands arose for more schools, fire departments and roads. In the early 2000s, a record influx of families swelled the East Valley. The economy boomed as business owners … [More]

4 Marketing Pillars to Grow Your Online Sales in 2021

by Melanie Moscicki

Nearly 150 million people shopped online for the first time in the pandemic, according to an eMarketer report last year from “Insider Intelligence” (emarketer.com/content/global-ecommerce-2020), and it is predicted that the number of ecommerce buyers will only continue to rise. So much so that some industry insiders are dubbing 2021 as “The Year of Add To Cart.”  With all … [More]

7 Things to Do in the Post-Pandemic World to Grow Your Business

by Nancy A. Shenker

We are still in the midst of challenging and fast-evolving times. Over the past months, we’ve all learned how to survive and thrive amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty. As a woman business owner and former corporate executive, I’ve lived through several volatile eras and a massive influx in technology-based changes. Although the pandemic is radically … [More]

3 Dangerous Mistakes Women Make that Lead to Burnout

by Jen Butler, M.Ed., B.C.C., D.A.I.S.

Women from all over the world contact me sharing the struggles of their daily lives. Inevitably, they use these three words to describe how they feel about their life: stress, overwhelm and burnout. After years of working with female professionals and talking to tens of thousands of women about what specifically stresses them out, I’ve identified the three dangerous mistakes … [More]

Now More Than Ever

by Kristen Merrifield

Nonprofits across Arizona are still reeling from the impact of the coronavirus, yet they consistently continue providing vital services, resources and even entertainment to communities across the state. Arizona Gives Day on April 6 offers an opportunity to reflect and to act in support of nonprofit agencies and the people who embrace and bring their missions to … [More]

Read Better Be Better

Founded as a response to Arizona’s literacy crisis, Read Better Be Better (RBBB) is an after-school reading comprehension and leadership program designed to help students become better readers, leaders and learners. Arizona is ranked 45th in the nation for childhood literacy and 48th for Pre-K–12th education. RBBB’s mission is to connect young readers and youth leaders to … [More]

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

No parent is prepared for their child to have a serious injury, spend years in chemotherapy or be born with half a heart. The fear and uncertainty of the journey is great. That’s why Phoenix Children’s Hospital is committed to delivering world-class care for families in Arizona and beyond. Your gift allows Phoenix Children’s to invest in state-of-the-art technology, innovative … [More]


one·n·ten was founded in 1993 and provided a unique opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth to connect, socialize and receive support for navigating community resources. Our services have diversified since then, but our goal is the same. We enhance the lives of LGBTQ+ youth through programs that promote self-expression, self-acceptance … [More]

New Pathways for Youth

When youth are provided a safe, nurturing environment and are tended to with care, their capacity for growth is powerful. But in the communities we serve, youth experience poverty and four times the adversity of their peers. At New Pathways for Youth, we guide youth as they discover renewed outlooks on life and realize unwritten possibilities for their futures, through a … [More]

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona

For more than 65 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona has operated under the belief that inherent in every child is the ability to succeed and thrive in life. Big Brothers Big Sisters makes meaningful, professionally supported matches between adult volunteers (“Bigs”) and children (“Littles”), ages 6 through 18, in Maricopa County and Pinal County. We develop … [More]

Sustaining and Growing Your Fundraising Performance in 2021

by Richard Tollefson

If there is one key takeaway for philanthropy professionals from 2020, it’s that they have to be prepared to pivot quickly. With COVID-19, social unrest, market volatility, the elections and natural disasters, it was a year like none other. But even with the challenging landscape, there are professionals and institutions that were successful in sustaining and growing their … [More]

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