SAVRpak: A Rocket Scientist’s Freshness Solution

by RaeAnne Marsh

SAVRpak is a food packaging technology that removes moisture from a container to keep food fresh and reduce waste. Using the laws of thermodynamics, the patented peel-and-stick patch can extend food’s shelf life by 50 percent. SAVRpak uses no chemicals; its secret ingredient is temperature. Using the laws of thermodynamics, SAVRpak exploits the dewpoint temperature to quickly … [More]

What to Expect in the Greater Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Industry in 2021

by Rick Padelford

The buzzword for 2020 across all industries, including commercial real estate, was “pivot.” Fortunately, the fundamentals of the Phoenix-area commercial real estate market were strong before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, so we were prepared to weather the storm better than other markets across the U.S. Here is a snapshot of Phoenix’s commercial real estate industry in … [More]

Gilbert Medical Office Market Is Dynamic

by Patti Gentry

Since opening in 2006, Dignity Health’s Mercy Gilbert Medical Center has grown from a single hospital into the centerpiece of one of the Valley’s most dynamic medical corridors. Demand here is so high that vacancy rates on the hospital campus sit at virtually zero and nearby off-campus vacancy is just 4.9% — nearly three times lower than Phoenix’s overall medical office vacancy … [More]

New Master-Planned Community in Queen Creek

by Norm Nicholls

Fulton Homes is beginning work on Barney Farms, a 550-acre master-planned community that will include 1,700 homes. The development is located on the northeast corner of Queen Creek Road and Signal Butte Road.  This groundbreaking represents a new standard for large-scale communities in the southeast Valley. We worked hard to secure the land, and then to develop something … [More]

TI Project Expands Gilbert Manufacturing Campus

by Mike Hunter

The newly completed 120,294-square-foot, two-story Gilbert Spectrum V continues the expansion of Northrop Grumman’s multi-building satellite manufacturing campus in Gilbert, Arizona., with construction of its final build-out now underway and expected to be complete within this quarter. Gilbert Spectrum Building V, located at 1715 W. Elliott Road, is the latest building … [More]

Infill Industrial Projects Planned in Tempe

by Mike Hunter

ViaWest Group of Phoenix has purchased three real estate assets in Tempe from Insight Enterprises, Inc. for $26.85 million. The portfolio includes Insight’s corporate headquarters building situated on a 19-acre site at 6280 S. Harl Ave., which ViaWest plans to replace and re-develop the property into a Class A industrial park after Insight relocates at the end of this year. The … [More]

Plasma Donations Help Save Lives 

by Miguel Rodriguez

Many people are surprised to learn that plasma — the clear, straw-colored liquid portion of blood — is a lifeline for thousands of people with rare, chronic and complex diseases. There is an urgent need for human plasma across the nation, including right here in Arizona. That is why I am excited to share that BioLife Plasma Services, part of the global biopharmaceutical company … [More]

Paradigm’s COVID-19 Response 

by Ruth Seigel

COVID-19 arrived in Arizona, Paradigm Laboratories founder and CEO Ethan Sasz wanted to play a role in keeping Arizonans safe and healthy. A high-complexity molecular and infectious disease diagnostic laboratory founded in 2013 in Tucson, Paradigm quickly pivoted its business and partnered with government leaders to meet the mounting requirement for statewide mass accurate and … [More]

9 Steps to Safeguard Your Business from a Cybersecurity Attack

by Antonette Vanasek

As evidence mounts about the depth and breadth of the Russian hack onto the U.S. cybersecurity apparatus, and most businesses having to pivot to a WFH business model, now would be an excellent time for business executives to test and review the security of their business organization’s network. They are as follows: Increase email security. Many believe that email is a … [More]

Disposal Box Programs Are Good, but Not Good Enough

by Mike Hunter

There is an emerging awareness that “disposal box” handling of retired assets is not good enough, according to the International Association of IT Asset Managers, the leading authority on IT asset management. One impact of the coronavirus pandemic on business has been causing organizations to no longer operate from a central location. When it comes to IT asset disposition, … [More]

Accounting Disrupted

by Mike Hunter

Accounting Disrupted: How Digitalization Is Changing Finance delivers a powerful analysis of the new technological forces buffeting the accounting profession and identifies key pathways to responding to the challenges. Al Bhimani, distinguished accountant, academic and author, shows readers how established business fundamentals are being eclipsed and that accounting has not … [More]

No Pain, No Gaines

by Mike Hunter

That’s been true ever since he was a little pint-sized hustler selling candy and Capri Suns down at the public tennis courts in northeast Texas. Deep in his bones he has always known that hard work yields great results. On the cusp of launching into what might be the hardest work he and his wife, Joanna, have ever done — building a network — Gaines realized that none of it … [More]

The Wealth Hoarders

by Mike Hunter

For decades, a secret army of tax attorneys, accountants and wealth managers has been developing into the shadowy Wealth Defence Industry. These “agents of inequality” are paid millions to hide trillions for the richest 0.01%. In this book, inequality expert Chuck Collins, who himself inherited a fortune, interviews the leading players and gives a unique insider account of how … [More]

Big Mistakes Small Businesses Must Avoid in 2021

by Gena Jones

Naturalist Charles Darwin famously said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives; it is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” What is true for members of the natural world has never been more true for the small business owner. Stop-and-go government regulations and rapidly changing economic conditions have given small businesses plenty to adapt to this … [More]

Repurposing Real Estate Use?

by Courtney Beller

2020 saw a slew of retail bankruptcies. Many of these companies will emerge from bankruptcy with a much smaller physical footprint, shedding both debts and brick and mortar locations. What does that mean for all of those soon to be empty locations? As you can probably guess, there is not an abundance of retail tenants to take their place. One answer has been for landlords to … [More]

2021 Genesis G90

by Mike Hunter

Rarely does raw power deliver such a quiet, confident ride anywhere in the powerband. A new height in engineering, the G90’s sophisticated drivetrain, chassis and adaptive control suspension work harmoniously with its uniquely designed, ultra-rigid body structure. The result is exhilarating performance, near-effortless acceleration and precise handling. With even the … [More]

Take a Fresh Breath 

by RaeAnne Marsh

Indoor air quality has taken on greater import in this COVID era. While they are not a replacement for air filtration systems, plants are more than an aesthetic reprieve for our eyes. Since NASA began researching ways to improve air quality for astronauts in closed environments in space, we’ve learned they can counter some of the toxins our made environment surrounds us with — … [More]

Z’Tejas Continues to Sizzle

by Robby Nethercut

Operating and maintaining a lasting restaurant is a challenge. As new establishments open, food and dining trends come and go; how do you continue to stay exciting and popular, even during a pandemic?  Z’Tejas Southwest Grill has been shaking up margaritas and sizzling Southwestern food for more than 30 years in the Valley. We believe our team members and the indulgen t … [More]

Now is the Time to Launch a Mentorship Program

by Patty Alper

When I consult with corporations and higher education institutions about establishing mentorship programs, I’m often asked about the benefits. Let me take a brief moment to tell you the bevy of reasons that your company should consider such a program — and why now is a better time than ever before. First, why me? As I researched and drafted my book, Teach to Work: How a … [More]

A Message from Jean Briese, President

from Jean Briese

I just returned from my first business trip since our world was shattered by the pandemic. It was, in many ways, just another business trip. But in other ways, it was so much more. I was meeting with a small group of international leaders. The goal: to inspire these leaders to break barriers. The pandemic has created so many new barriers. We began our time together with a … [More]

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