SAVRpak: A Rocket Scientist’s Freshness Solution

by RaeAnne Marsh

SAVRpak is a food packaging technology that removes moisture from a container to keep food fresh and reduce waste. Using the laws of thermodynamics, the patented peel-and-stick patch can extend food’s shelf life by 50 percent. SAVRpak uses no chemicals; its secret ingredient is temperature. Using the laws of thermodynamics, SAVRpak exploits the dewpoint temperature to quickly remove moisture from the air, thereby stifling microbial growth and keeping food fresh. 

“I invented SAVRpak as a way to stop my own lunch from getting soggy,” says Bill Birgen, SAVRpak CTO. “I used the technology every day, for years, to keep my salads crispy and crunchy. As a rocket scientist, I had experience maintaining and controlling environments on spacecrafts and other air vehicles. Inventing this device for controlling the environment inside my lunch was fun exercise.” He founded the company in spring of last year.

SAVRpak can reduce humidity in a food container by up to 45% immediately, keeping food fresher and crisper than any other solution on the market. Its simple peel-and-stick patch can adhere to any food container: clamshell containers, pizza boxes, cloches, chafing dishes, Cambro boxes, GladWare, bento boxes, Tupperware, plastic containers and paper bags, all for the cost of a few ketchup packets.

Recognizing that scaling is always the most difficult challenge for a startup, Birgen partnered with experts in design, manufacturing and retail space for help in figuring out a way to produce SAVRpak at scale and deliver it to customers around the world. SAVRpak is currently being tested by local and national restaurants, food delivery services, and supermarket chains.

To build the company, Birgen says the best advice came early on: to do the hard work up front to make sure the product is sustainable. “Our team has invested a good deal of time developing the product in a way we can be proud of,” he says. “We’re proud to report that the SAVRpak is paper- and plant-pulp-based and will receive our official biodegradable certification later this year.”

SAVRpak recently won the P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge at CES, winning $10,000 and a chance to partner with the iconic company.  

Did You Know: P&G Ventures, an early-stage startup studio within Procter & Gamble, launched its annual innovation challenge in 2018.

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