Remaking Economic Development

by Amy Liu

An extensive study by The Brookings Institution underscores shortcomings of the traditional approach, highlights successful emerging strategies, and, effectively, shows how Greater Phoenix is positioned for growth  The lackluster economy is delivering a humbling lesson about economic development: Top-line growth doesn’t ensure bottom-line prosperity. Yet, in too many … [More]

Christine Mackay, City of Phoenix

from Christine Mackay

What does successful economic development look like for Arizona? The state’s early economy was built on the famous “5 C’s”: copper, cattle, cotton, citrus and climate. In the post-5 C’s era, other vital industries have come to the fore, such as biomedicine and technology. Much of this is concentrated in the Greater Phoenix area. The region is moving into an innovation-based … [More]

Faces Matter

by Kangelon “Kay” Dexter

When a person is deciding whether or not to do business with your company, you might expect them to check all the key selling points. Price, benefits and features, brand reputation — these are all things that marketers anticipate customers will care about and, therefore, are the brand identifiers that receive the most attention when it comes to sales and marketing. However, … [More]

Social Media – Changing the World

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Imagine a world in which every person is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.” That, Wikipedia co-creator Jimmy Wales told his audience at a BBVA Compass Bank event in Phoenix last month, was the genesis of a project that has become a worldwide resource accessed by 400 million visitors every month. But making it truly accessible everyone necessitates … [More]

New Overtime Rules to Impact Arizona Employers

by Chris M. Mason 

Beginning December 1, 2016, the minimum salaries for most exempt jobs will more than double, to $47,476 from the existing $23,660 required. On May 18, the U.S. Department of Labor dealt its long-anticipated regulatory amendments for “white collar” overtime exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which included increases to the mandatory base salary requirement. The … [More]

Overhead and the Nonprofit

by Richard Tollefson

Today’s nonprofits often find themselves looking over their shoulders. “They worry about the scrutiny or debate that may rage over their spending while, at the same time, understanding the critical need to invest in their enterprises in order to fulfill their missions,” says Robert Ashcraft, Ph.D., executive director of ASU’s Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit … [More]

Heidi Jannenga: WebPT Niche Co-Creator

by Melissa Kiguwa

Heidi Jannenga co-founded WebPT, an electronic medical record (EMR) platform for physical therapists, with her soon-to-be husband in 2008. Before launching WebPT, she worked full-time as an athletic physical therapist managing three clinics. She describes the inception of WebPT as serendipitous. In 2007, she realized the largest expenses at her clinics were transcription and … [More]

Zika Virus and the Workplace: A Primer for Arizona Businesses

by Shayna Balch

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared Zika virus an international “public health emergency.” And while Arizonans have found themselves immune from many of the previously issued health alerts, Zika is striking closer to home. Currently, Zika is primarily concentrated in tropical and sub-tropical climates, and the concern is elevated in Arizona, especially among … [More]

New Facility for Behavioral Health

by Mike Hunter

Copper Springs Behavioral Health Hospital opened last month in Avondale to treat those who are struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Providing comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services, Copper Springs focuses on delivering innovative and evidence-based treatment in a professional and compassionate environment that creates a foundation for long-term healing … [More]

New Hospice Care

by Mike Hunter

Beech Medical Group, an integrated health solutions company based in Mesa, is expanding with the opening of an outpatient hospice division. The division is part of a new healthcare concept that provides comprehensive care, better communication among care providers, and improved outcomes — while reducing costs by not duplicating services. “Healthcare models in the U.S. … [More]