Back to Basics 2.0

by RaeAnne Marsh

No one is good at everything. So, with the many hats a business owner must wear, some will be in the comfort zone and some in an area of actual expertise. All, however, require attention. Whether a business founder continues to actively handle all responsibilities personally or is able to delegate certain roles in the company’s organization, it remains important in any … [More]

Robert J. Blaney, U.S. Small Business Administration, Arizona District

from Robert J. Blaney

Business in Arizona is in growth mode, from startups creating their space in the marketplace to established companies expanding their operations. It is also interesting to see new methodologies develop for raising capital to either start or grow a business. Crowdfunding was not part of the business lexicon a few years ago. The world of business, especially small business, … [More]

Got Tech? Got the Right Tech?

by Eugene Chi

What exactly is productivity? In professional terms, productivity often means, well … more. But, more what? In a literal sense, productivity is the rate of output per a unit of input — essentially, the amount of work that can be completed given an amount of time or money. This makes sense in simplified scenarios; for example if one employee is able to send six emails per hour, … [More]

Keep Out of the Friend Zone 

by Brian Fielkow

“Keep your work life and business life separate.” “Don’t get involved in your employees’ personal matters.” “There is no place for friendships in the office.” This is all age-old advice, but it is out of sync with what really happens in our workplaces. Friendships form in the workplace and it is, at times, impossible for employees to leave personal issues at home. As … [More]

Sweepstakes Offers: Legal Promotion or Illegal Gambling?

by Jim Stipe

Many businesses look to hold sweepstakes, raffles, poker tournaments and other contests for marketing purposes. They don’t realize that these activities can amount to illegal gambling. “Gambling” generally means risking something of value for a chance to win a prize. With only limited exceptions, it is against the law for an Arizona business to benefit from gambling. … [More]

No More Fundraising Excuses

by Richard Tollefson

It is official. Philanthropic giving in the United States is not only on the rebound, it has fully recovered since the recession, marking the highest levels of giving in the country’s history. Yes, even despite weak and uneven economic recovery. According to the Giving USA 2015 report, charitable giving has risen 7.1 percent over the last year, totaling $358.38 billion. … [More]

Brian Cassidy: Developing Niche Market Expertise 

by Alison Stanton

As one of the principals of architecture firm CCBG Architects, Inc., Brian Cassidy stays busy working on a variety of different projects. A passion of his now is adaptive reuse of old structures in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, and the firm is a leader in the movement to take old buildings that are still architecturally sound and transform them to a new purpose into something … [More]

Middle Market Firms Are Becoming Economy’s Workhorses

by Mike Saucier

They may lack the romantic narrative of small businesses, which are seen as the fruits of the American Dream. And they may lack the instant name recognition that comes with being a huge corporation. But middle market firms, defined as businesses generating between $10 million and $1 billion in revenues, are economic engines to be reckoned with despite what they may lack in … [More]

Technology Assesses Physical Fitness for the Job

by RaeAnne Marsh

A post-hiring physical involves a host of compliance issues, but technology is giving businesses a way to assess some applicants’ fitness for the job as a simple step in the interview process. “Cost Reduction Technologies came up with a way to test an individual’s strength and agility,” says Melissa Lykins, claims manager for Lovitt & Touché, an insurance and employee … [More]

Geolocation Is a Marketing Find

by RaeAnne Marsh

There are 6 billion smartphones in the world, and the number that have geolocation technology continues to grow. “It’s the largest growth rate ever seen in any technology,” says Andy Lombard, CEO and founder of Socialwhirled, a marketing and technology company based in Phoenix. The marketing landscape is shifting dramatically, and Lombard believes geolocation is important … [More]