A Spectacle! 

by Kaleigh Shufeldt

The Valley plays host to a multitude of events and entertainers, drawing crowds of locals and visitors alike: car enthusiasts, comic-con fans, baseball spectators, golf connoisseurs, runners and football devotees making the trip to support their home teams. These happenings play a positive role on the Valley’s economy, providing business to the Phoenix Metropolitan area. … [More]

Daniel Mahoney, Snell & Wilmer

Benjamin Little

Greater Phoenix is now home to some major events, from the home-grown Waste Management Phoenix Open to Spring Training, including events we have to beat out other locations for the privilege to host, like the Super Bowl, the College Football National Championship and the Final Four. This isn’t just headline entertainment; it’s an industry that involves businesses ranging from … [More]

The ‘Boys Club’ Needs to Include Girls

by Ritch K. Eich, Ph.D.

Whether it’s Hollywood movie studios and their paucity of female directors, the tech industry and its alarming exodus of frustrated women, or the stifling male fraternity culture that dominates Wall Street, women continue to be marginalized in the business world. The vast majority of CEOs responding to a McKinsey survey noted that hiring females is essential to “getting the … [More]

To Telecommute or Not to Telecommute?

by Anne Caldwell 

Today’s workforce is changing. More than 80 percent of employees consider telecommuting a job perk, and 36 percent would sacrifice salary for the option of telecommuting at work, according to a survey conducted by Global Workplace Analytics. This begs the question: Should employers provide telecommuting options? The increased demand and employee popularity of telecommuting in … [More]

Business in Real Time 

by Jon Louvar

We humans are amazing. It has taken about seven decades of cooperative technological endeavour to bring robots even close to the skill of a human being walking on rough ground — something that tiny babies can master in a month or two. We can achieve this because our senses provide continuous feedback from every movement and adjustment. If that baby had to go through all the … [More]

For-Profit Stands on ‘For People’

by Bob Chapman

It was 2009. The global economy was in the beginning of its worst downturn in many, many years. Barry-Wehmiller, at that time, was a 124-year-old company that had started as a supplier of bottle-washers and pasteurizers to the brewing industry. In the late 1980s, financial challenges forced the company to reinvent itself by beginning a process of acquiring companies that … [More]

Cuba: Opening for Business?

by RaeAnne Marsh

What’s important for people eyeing opportunity for business in Cuba to keep in mind is, in spite of the opening of diplomatic relations, there still is a U.S.-Cuba embargo in place. Lifting the embargo will take an act of Congress; what has changed, explains Melissa Proctor, a partner in the law firm Polsinelli, is the two agencies that have jurisdiction over commerce under the … [More]

Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

by Peter Smits and Richard Tollefson

Ask five different executives sitting on nonprofit boards to define “culture of philanthropy,” and five different definitions will rise to the top. Board members may also differ in their opinion of the role they should play in building a culture of engagement and philanthropy within their nonprofit. Clarity on these two points is essential, however; if organizations can … [More]

Technology Isn’t License

by Jennifer J. Walsh

Technology has transformed many aspects of our lives, and we’ve come to take for granted that we can implement it. However, technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum; there are use repercussions. The common practice of screening movies in waiting rooms is one widely misunderstood example. Purchase of a DVD bestows ownership rights that allow it to be played in small groups in … [More]

Accelerating the Ad Experience

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Most people aren’t willing to sit through nine to ten ads before they can watch the programming. They will stop using a site instead,” says aspiring filmmaker Stan Wong. “That will hurt a lot of artists and other content creators.” His epiphany — online advertising needs to be more efficient — led to his interest in developing VAAC Army, the first voice-activated ad … [More]

Private Health Exchanges

by Mark Morgan

Private health exchanges, or marketplaces, are one of the “new kids on the block” and they’re fast becoming a compelling option for employers and employees. In fact, 6 million people enrolled in their employer-sponsored benefits through private exchanges in 2015, double the previous year, as reported last year by global professional services company Accenture. Exchanges … [More]

Retinal Consultants Spreads Its Wings

by Mike Hunter

Retinal Consultants of Arizona — one of the nation’s leading retina and vitreous clinical research and patient treatment facilities — is expanding its network of locations with the recent purchase of a 35,000-square-foot building in North Phoenix. The new building, much of which will focus on the Retinal Research Institute, will be operational later this year. RCA has also … [More]

Plastic Surgery – There’s an App for That

by Mike Hunter

Interest in plastic surgery continues to grow. And now there’s an app that facilitates HIPAA-privacy-protected, interactive consultations between patients and plastic surgeons. Zwivel, created by board-certified plastic surgeon Gary D. Breslow, M.D., allows prospective patients to consult with multiple doctors, and even upload photos to them, all from the convenience of their … [More]

Answering the Workforce Crisis

by RaeAnne Marsh

An inadequate talent pool is an issue for local businesses as their industry grows or its workforce diminishes. The construction industry, for example, ramping up in the aftermath of the recession, struggled to make up for the earlier exodus of workforce to other cities. But what if the workforce simply doesn’t exist? Two arms of the financial services industry have initiated … [More]

Creativity Re-emerges in Online Flower Sales

by RaeAnne Marsh

Online marketplace BloomNation was created as a fresh arrangement for online floral sales, developing a presence in each market for that local community’s independent florists. Increased profitability was part of the impetus. BloomNation takes 10 percent of the sale, in contrast to the 50 percent or more that has become standard in floral wire sales, and out of that fee it … [More]

Middle-Market Growth Strategy Is All About People

by RaeAnne Marsh

Leadership development support organization Accelerent vaulted over the Rocky Mountains to bring to Phoenix what has proven successful over the past nine years in Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Kansas City, Mo.; and Nashville, Tenn. The organization focuses on middle-market companies — helping already-successful businesses grow to the next level. Because membership in each market … [More]

Fast Pitch: Pitch & Learn

by Mike Hunter

Social Venture Partners is presenting its 6th Fast Pitch Challenge for nonprofits on March 1. Finalists are mentored for two months prior to competing, in an effort to help them perfect their pitch and win the attention of philanthropists. Fast Pitch and Social Venture Partners do so much to give awareness to innovative nonprofits. See some of the past pitches online. Fast … [More]

Broadstone Broadly Sustainable

by Mike Hunter

Phoenix-based Alliance Residential Company’s Broadstone Waterfront was recently awarded LEED-H Platinum Certification. Among a wide range of innovative measures for energy efficiency, water conservation and sustainable operations are creation of a reduced heat-island effect with reflective roofing materials, paver ground covering and landscaping that minimizes heat absorption. … [More]

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