The Cure for the Healthcare Headache

by RaeAnne Marsh

Coverage  As the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act continues to roll out, employers this year face a new accounting requirement in preparation for reports documenting their compliance that they will need to file starting in 2016. Everyone must have healthcare coverage, and responsibility for compliance rests on both the individual and the employer. Key terms are … [More]

Peter S. Fine, Banner Health

from Peter S. Fine

Over the past couple of years, business owners have been working to determine how best to comply with federal healthcare coverage requirements and provide competitive healthcare benefits to attract and retain the work force their business needs. In the ongoing and congruent effort to also control healthcare costs and improve the bottom line, businesses continue to seek … [More]

Mixing the Perfect Sales Cocktail

by Anthony Caliendo

Sales can be complicated! Even career sales professionals find being a good salesperson can be frustrating and complex. Different factors contribute to sales complexity: being able to find the right lucrative opportunity, having access to the right resources, selling the right product or service that appeals to businesses and consumers, developing effective lead generating … [More]

Reality vs. Perceptual Reality

by Scott Deming

One of the “realities” I’ve discovered through the years of business ownership, consulting and speaking, is that the customer or client rarely sees you as YOU see you. This is known as Perceptual Reality. In his book Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads, Roy H. Williams defines Perceptual Reality as our imagination. We spend a great deal of time there, and while there we create … [More]

File this Under: The Complexity of Managing Personnel Documents

By Mike Saucier

This article has been updated. Please click here to read the updated article. The basic management of personnel files used to be pretty simple: Collect some basic information and stick the files on a shelf somewhere. Today, the matter of collecting and storing private employee information is not as simple, even with the available option of going digital. For example, … [More]

The Real Impact of Impact Investing

by Richard Tollefson

The Desert Botanical Garden of Phoenix relies heavily on one critical natural resource: water. For years its plants were nurtured with the same high-demand, potable drinking water running from residents’ taps. The environmental and cost-saving solution: non-potable water from the adjacent Salt River Project canal, offered to the “turf” industry at a 60-percent discount by the … [More]

Technology Levels the Playing Field 

by RaeAnne Marsh

EZBZ uses technology and the Internet to create a marketplace for businesses that does not hinge on first-page Google placement or the most beautiful website. Consumers go to EZBZ’s site and simply post a query for a product or service, EZBZ identifies and notifies local vendors that offer the product or service via an email or text, and the vendors then have the opportunity to … [More]

The ‘Secret Formula’ of App Success

by RaeAnne Marsh

Applications for mobile devices are proliferating at an almost-exponential rate. Many existing businesses have more than one, and some businesses are created specifically around an app. A study recently released from ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business applies analytic research to replace the crystal ball, crossed fingers and specific-market research business owners and app … [More]

Low-Tech Meets the Cloud

by RaeAnne Marsh

Rocketbook is a simple paper notebook that, with the help of an iOS app, quickly and accurately captures images of pages and files them in cloud storage. The microwave-safe pages are also compatible with the off-the-shelf Pilot FriXion heat-sensitive pens. This allows users to reuse a Rockebook by erasing it in a microwave oven. Joe Lemay started Rocket Innovations with the … [More]

Real-Time Fraud Protection

by RaeAnne Marsh

Emailage is a fraud prevention company that leverages the only truly global identity — email address — to determine the risk of a transaction. Using its proprietary machine learning algorithms, Emailage delivers an intelligent risk score that does not require the use of sensitive customer data. Since its founding in 2012, the Chandler-based company has tripled revenue year over … [More]