Today’s Global Society: How Are Arizona Businesses Getting a Piece of It?

by Don Rodriguez

Attorney Karen Dickinson recalls the earlier days of her career when she traveled on business from Arizona to other countries. “I spent most of my career with people saying, ‘You’re from where?’” she recalls. Not exactly what anyone would want to hear after a flight to the other side of the world. She even found it challenging to build her credibility simply because she was … [More]

Eric Nielsen, U.S. Commercial Service Arizona

from Eric Nielsen

There was a time when businesspeople from Arizona struggled to become known on the world market. Doing business with Mexico and Canada was common trade in Arizona, but doing business with China, Brazil and others of today’s best-known trade hot spots was nearly unthinkable for even the largest companies located here. However, with 95 percent of global consumers living … [More]

Rx: When a Website Needs Surgery

by Joe Thomas

... So the guy stands there with his mouth agape and says, “But Doc, why do you have to operate on my foot? The splinter is in my finger!” What does this punch line have to do with fashioning a successful website? Its underlying lesson applies to about 80 percent of people who can’t figure out why their website doesn’t “work.” Pretend your website is the patient in my … [More]

How to Set Owner Compensation

by Greg Crabtree

You may have decided to take no wages or below-market wages at the start of your business. But, by not accounting for the real cost for your services as if you paid someone else to do your job, you have distorted net income (or loss!) from your business. You are not at breakeven until you are paying yourself a market-based wage and you are profitable. Salary vs. Return on … [More]

Strategic Planning Vitalized

by Samantha Howland

It’s that time of year again: strategic planning season. As annual planning and preparation tasks begin popping up on corporate calendars across the country, leaders cringe at the distraction. Given the current atmosphere of uncertainty, many executives approach planning with urgency and impatience — simply looking to get it over with — rather than approaching the process with … [More]

What Manufacturing Means to the Valley Economy

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Thirty years ago, manufacturing accounted for about 15 percent of output in [Arizona’s] overall economy. Now, it’s about 8 to 9 percent. That’s because other parts of the economy have gotten bigger,” says Research Professor Lee McPheters, director of the JPMorgan Chase Economic Outlook Center at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. He sees … [More]

The Life, Death & Rebirth of America’s Global Leadership

by Mona Pearl

One of the main challenges of the U.S. economy is mind-set. As trade borders become seamless and the world becomes more dependent on technology, U.S. companies and their executives must scramble to acquire the tools and skills necessary to survive and thrive in the increasingly competitive global market. The basic reason for our nation lagging behind and suffering from a … [More]

Matt Widdows: Advancing Real Estate through Technology

by Alison Stanton

When it comes to technology and the many ways it can help real estate agents do their jobs better and more efficiently, Matt Widdows, founder and chairman of HomeSmart International, is a true visionary. Even before he opened his Phoenix-based company in January, 2000, Widdows recognized the need for better technology in the real estate business. “I saw a lack of technology … [More]

Bytes: August 2012

by Mike Hunter

Legally Speaking FordHarrison, a national labor and employment law firm with offices in Phoenix, has launched its KnowledgeCenter, which is a virtual library offering blogs, publications, alerts, news and training materials. SourceBook is a subscription-based service that provides information on state and local employment laws. Job Find Most are not … [More]

Building Profits in Pampering

by RaeAnne Marsh

Having survived the recession that hit the economy only a couple of years into their entrepreneurial endeavor, Chandler-based Fuchsia co-owners Lisa Vukovich and Erin Owens recently moved their day spa into double the space. They attribute part of their success through the downturn to providing the pampering of a spa at an affordable price. Says Vukovich, “Clients who were … [More]