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From Labor to Human Beings, Why It Pays to Understand What Makes Your People Tick

Labor. Workers. Assets. Human resources. Human capital. Employees. Associates. Team members. These terms reflect the evolution of understanding around the resource that makes business run. For decades, the terms were one-dimensional, referring to the single aspect employers cared about: getting products made and delivered. Early management view of labor was simple: Clock in, … [More]

Feedback: April 2019

What is the most effective or best-received wellness program you have offered your employees? Scott Elser CEO Digital Current Sector: Marketing and Advertising  We use an incentive-based program where employees who opt-in can earn additional PTO for participating in monthly challenges and bonus activities.  The monthly challenges are designed to promote wellness with … [More]

NAWBO Phoenix Launches the Phoenix Knowledge Network 

The Phoenix Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners is deepening the roots of its mission: growth — growth for our members, our corporate partners and our community. This month, we are launching the NAWBO Phoenix Knowledge Network, a speaker’s bureau of NAWBO Phoenix women business owners. Jean Briese, my co-director, explains, “Our corporate partners … [More]

How to Make Air Travel Less of a Pain

Air travel can be tough. Between schlepping bags, the mental duress of contending with possible schedule changes and the actual time stuck in a seat, flying can definitely be a pain. If your life involves cross-country or international travel, you are already keenly aware that 5 to 15 hours in a cramped seat can definitely cause some discomfort. A recent flight to and from … [More]

Innovations in Healthcare

Remote patient monitoring allows patients to securely transmit health information electronically to healthcare providers, and wearable devices can collect and transmit useful information that includes heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and blood glucose levels. Following up on these general observations, Glenn Dean, president and CFO of MeMD, adds, “As technology is … [More]

Understanding the Missing Piece in Your Rising Healthcare Costs Puzzle

In seeking a solution to a longstanding problem, it’s common to grasp the familiar pieces and reason that if they can be adjusted, adapted or shaved down surely the puzzle can be solved. When it comes to rising healthcare costs, there is a puzzle piece worth understanding that can significantly change the shape and direction of your company’s health and well-being. Many … [More]

Sitting Is a Pain in the Butt 

Have you heard the idiom “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”? Well, instead of walking in someone else’s shoes, I have been sitting in someone else’s office chair. All I can say is, given the option, hand me those shoes! I’ll admit I’ve been spoiled. For the last 17 years as a self-developed, movement-based therapist and educator teaching Kinessage® to therapists, my days … [More]