To stay alive over the last year, your business has had to incorporate new protocols to keep your team and customers physically safe. However, the ongoing trauma-level stress which has assaulted your team neurologically corrodes the underlying sense of psychological safety. The perception of safety is a critical cornerstone in having the mental and physical capacity to focus and adapt to change. Being able to self-regulate the nervous system for clearer critical thinking, calmer focus, more collaborative engagement and a stronger immune system is a skill set sorely needed to move your business through and beyond COVID-19.

We believe people are resilient. When you give them the tools and support they need to handle stress and become their best selves, they can and they do. Teaching people how to direct the power of their own minds and regulate emotions empowers them to be able to contribute their best. We believe healthy individuals make healthy organizations, healthy organizations make healthy communities, and healthy communities make a healthier world for all of us.

We provide science-based resilience and stress-reduction training that enables your leaders and team to stabilize their sense of safety, and redirect their brain to increased focus, collaboration and the mental and physical well-being to meet the new challenges your business is facing today. 

This holistic approach provides your team with simple and effective tools they can use throughout the day to mitigate the underlying causes of anxiety and overwhelm, and increase their ability to handle stress with greater resilience. Benefits of using these tools include better decision-making capacity, better sleep and better immune system function.

Remote working and make-shift workspaces necessitated by COVID-19 have also created physical stress, demonstrating in increased neck, back and wrist pain for many people. To address the physical side of stress and sedentary-induced musculoskeletal pain, we offer self-directed movement training for chronic tension conditions such as migraines, tendonitis, carpal tunnel and sciatica.

Both virtual and on-site training are available. Take your free Stress Assessment Survey at or call to schedule a free consult.

For holistic healthcare or mission-based organizations struggling to execute their visions or expansions, we also offer strategy and execution consulting to help speed their visions to reality.

Due to COVID-19 we want our community to know:  Our focus is providing you with effective holistic solutions that elevate the health and agility of your business by increasing the mental and physical health and resilience of your teams.

Specific Services for COVID-19

  • Kinessage® Mindful Resilience
    Training empowers your employees to switch themselves out of overwhelm and ineffective activity into clear-minded, focused action to resiliently serve your clients from a healthier state of being.
  • Kinessage® Self-Care Physical
    Resilience Training is a self-directed virtual program that teaches your employees to release their own chronic muscular tension and pain without drugs so they can move and function with greater ease and focus.


Head of Organization: Kathleen Gramzay, CEO
Category of Organization: Management/Leadership Consulting, Wellness Services
Year Founded in the Valley: 2011
Headquartered: Scottsdale, Arizona
Address: 3370 N. Hayden Rd., Suite 123-655, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (602) 617-9737

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