Courses for Entrepreneurs – Online and Free


There is a wealth of sources available to help entrepreneurs. Business incubators and accelerators — and free online courses from prestigious institutions such as MIT and other respected colleges and professors, for experience that ranges from first-time startups to seasoned entrepreneurs.

The following are five of the “30 Free Online Courses for Entrepreneurs” compiled by — How to Develop Breakthrough Products and Services: New companies want to develop major products and innovative services, but don’t know where to start. This class teaches how to develop innovative breakthroughs in a systematic way and how to implement these methodologies. — From Idea to Launch: Nearly 40,000 entrepreneurs have completed this class. This is a good course for those just beginning a business. Dr. Jeff Cornwall gives practical steps to turn an idea into a successful business. — The Software Business: This course teaches entrepreneurs how to launch a software company or work for a software firm that is using cutting-edge technology. In the world of fintech, blockchain and SaaS, this is a huge growth opportunity. — New Venture Finance: University of Maryland professor teaches what is needed to be done in the early stages of one’s company to look for funding, how to source it, how to make a pitch to investors and venture capitalists, as well as how to close the deal. 

Babson College — Access to Capital for Women: This five-module course will equip the entrepreneur with the skills and mindset to access capital and interpret financial statements to support the growth of her company.

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