What Difference Does Leadership Make?

by RaeAnne Marsh

“What difference does leadership make” may sound like a rhetorical question, but there’s value in understanding how our community continues to advance and improve opportunities for residents and businesses. To go beyond simply wanting something to making it happen requires purposeful decision making and a broad view of the impact. Working with Valley Leadership, which our Guest … [More]

Neil G. Giuliano, Greater Phoenix Leadership

from Neil G. Giuliano

Every four years, our nation is embroiled in a debate about — essentially — leadership: Who will lead? How? And to what end? This is leadership at its most visible, and it is generally agreed that leadership at such a level has deep and far-reaching impact. Yet, in its own context, your leadership has a similarly impactful scope. I define a leader as one who influences … [More]

Just a Minute? Make the Most of It 

by Jackie Gaines

Ask any working professional what they could use more of, and you’ll probably keep getting the same answer: time. In the frantic pace of the digital age, time is something everyone seems to be short on now. (It’s almost laughable that we once thought technology would help create more leisure time!) But if people could figure out how to make the most of their waking moments, … [More]

Workplace Discrimination Dialogue Needs a Full Table

by Michael Welp, Ph.D.

As is evident from any look at recent headlines, there is undoubtedly an immense amount of work to be done to eradicate bias and discrimination in America. Since this country starts and stops on economics, change in the workplace is fundamental if a national paradigm shift is to be achieved. One report by the Center for American Progress cites the fiscal damage of workplace … [More]

Congress Gives EPA More Authority to Regulate Chemicals 

by Steve Owens

In June, President Obama signed into law the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act, landmark legislation modernizing the decades-old Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the little-known but very important federal law that regulates chemicals in the United States. Approved by large bipartisan majorities in Congress, the Lautenberg Act addresses some of … [More]

Storytelling as a Tool 

by Jan Halpin and Julie Iacobelli 

Good storytelling isn’t reserved simply for books and movies and campfires. “For board members uncomfortable with fundraising, stories are one of the easiest ways to share the power of the work the nonprofit does,” says Phoenix-based Andrea Beaulieu, who offers speaking, story performance, and presentation skills coaching and training. “Story sharing is less intimidating … [More]

Is Back Health Worth the Cost of a New Chair?

by Igor Yusupov, M.D.

Business leaders in all industries are coming to appreciate something that employees have long recognized: that their environment matters. It’s increasingly apparent that the health and well-being of staff has a substantial impact on the bottom line and that investments in the short-run can pay dividends in the long-run. In 2014, on-the-job injury and illness resulted in … [More]

Bone Health

by Mike Hunter

The CORE Institute, part of the Excellence Headquarters® network, recently launched its first Bone Health Program in Arizona at its North Phoenix clinic. This program will focus on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of metabolic bone diseases, particularly osteoporosis, with emphasis on patient care, research and teaching. The CORE Institute’s Bone Health Program includes … [More]

Healthcare Programs Recognized

by Mike Hunter

Cigna selected City of Scottsdale, SmartPractice and Tucson Airport Authority as winners of the third annual Cigna Well-Being Award for demonstrating a strong commitment to improving the health and wellness of its employees through workplace wellness programs. Says Edward Kim, president and general manager for Cigna in Arizona, “Workplace wellness is becoming an … [More]

What Employers Need to Know about the ‘Dark Web’ 

by Karl Volkman

Have you heard of the “Dark Web”? While you might not consider yourself a “techie” person, it is crucial to keep abreast of what employees might be doing on their work computers. And this includes accessing the Dark Web. It might sound like a mythical creation from a sci-fi movie, but it is actually an easily accessible portion of the Internet that is untraceable and often used … [More]

Tech for Film

by RaeAnne Marsh

Sneaky Big Studios Opened last month in North Scottsdale and encompassing more than 15,000 square feet, Sneaky Big Studios is one of the largest, most technologically advanced production facilities in the Southwest. “We can cut records, make movies, shoot television shows, make commercials and even produce live events from anywhere in the country,” says Bob Parsons of the … [More]

Operational Data Gaps Compromise Customer Experience

by Mike Hunter

While digital marketing technologies and engagement channels multiply, many marketers remain concerned that they are still not delivering what customers want most: a seamless, frictionless and individualized buying and problem-solving experience. According to new research from the Chief Marketing Officer Council and SAP Hybris, more than a third of marketers (39 percent) … [More]

Captives Can Help Contain Costs

by Mike Ferguson

Business risk is on the rise — from the danger of a cyber-attack to the potential failure of a crucial supplier halfway around the globe. In response, companies are increasingly creating their own insurance companies to mitigate those risks. A “captive insurer” is a company that provides coverage solely to the firm or group of firms that sets it up. Captives have long … [More]

Tech Award for ASU

by Mike Hunter

The New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication recently won the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation’s Excellence in Innovative Technology Award, which honors students who are driving innovation in the media industry. The lab offers Cronkite students the opportunity … [More]

Trello: Project Management App

by Mike Hunter

Trello is a new app that can help manage any given project. Whether it’s managing a team, writing an epic screenplay or just making a grocery list, Trello helps the user get things done and stay organized. Trello provides the user a perspective over all of his or her projects, at work and at home. … [More]

Slack Is Not for the Slacker

by Mike Hunter

Slack is designed to make team communication easy. The collaboration tool in this app allows users to interface and communicate on projects, share files, drop files in the cloud and more. By setting up integration directly within Slack, rather than switching between other apps, all data is searchable in one central archive. … [More]

Google Duo Is Option to Video Chat 

by Mike Hunter

Get close with the new app through high-quality video calling on iOS and Android. With simple one-tap calling, Google Duo makes it easy to check in from anywhere on cell or Wi-Fi. Preview incoming calls before answering with Knock-Knock, which reads the user’s contacts and gives an alert as to who is calling. … [More]

Power Boosters

by Mike Hunter

Coffee is a standard drink in the morning or even all day in many offices. The surge of gourmet coffee over the last 10 years has brought new machines and brands to what was once a simple can of coffee at the office. Here are our picks for the best: Press Coffee Roasters This seed-to-cup concept is all about quality beans and creating the perfect cup of coffee. The beans … [More]

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