Arts & Culture: Can We Sustain It?

by RaeAnne Marsh

$581 million. That’s the amount of revenue generated by nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in Arizona in 2010 — a time when the economy was still reeling from the recession — according to the Americans for the Arts’ Economic Prosperity Study released last year. In Phoenix alone, the arts and culture sector contributed more than $300 million to the economy, and Brendan … [More]

Jim Ward, The Phoenix Symphony

from Jim Ward

Culture is what defines us as a people, as a community. Here in the Valley of the Sun, culture surrounds us in great variety — including performances by world-class artists and paintings that sell for millions of dollars. This issue of In Business Magazine takes a look at how arts and culture live in the fabric of our community. Whether or not you enjoy the aesthetic benefit … [More]

GPS Finds Its Way in Business

by Don Rodriguez

As fleet manager for Pink Jeep Tours, Greg McCallum deals with his share of questions: Did a jeep make it to the Grand Canyon yet? When is the Trekker getting to the hotel to pick up guests? Just where is that jeep that left not long ago? To find the answers, McCallum turns to the heavens. If you think he’s guided by the stars, you’re close. His fleet relies on on-board … [More]

What Works and What Doesn’t in Leadership Style

by Stephen A. Miles

The best CEOs are always learning. The certainties of today — whether it’s relying on a particular business model or banking on a “category killer” or operating under a particular regulatory framework — can be up-ended and disrupted tomorrow. Corporate chiefs who internalize this reality are best equipped to steer their companies through disruption. Executives and directors … [More]

Overcome Autocorrect

by Jim Halverson

“Theirs a new project I’d like to discuss with you. Its a weigh to catch misspellings but to long to go into hear. Lets meet.” It’s unlikely you’ve ever received an email or other written message with that many spelling problems. But there are surely words in those three sentences that you’ve seen misspelled, and most probably you have misspelled some of them … [More]

Tourism Makes Economic Indicators Travel in Right Direction

by Joe Bardin

Tourism provides a significant counterbalance to economic shortfalls. Even as the nation’s trade deficit for May swelled by $4.9 billion to $45 billion, the U.S. Travel Association reports that travel was doing more than its share to increase total exports for the U.S. While exports fell by $500 million, travel exports (all purchases by international visitors, including … [More]

Retailer Expands by Closing Its Shop

by RaeAnne Marsh

Nine months into breaking into retail with Amerisleep’s new design in beds, founder Firas Kittaneh added an online sales site to the company’s brick-and-mortar store in Tempe. The next step he considered was opening a second location — but within six months of launching the website, he made the reverse decision and closed the Tempe store. Online in the three years since then, … [More]

New Life for Chandler Event Venue

by RaeAnne Marsh

Newly reopened under a name intended to evoke a hip and historic cultural vibe, SoHo63 takes Chandler’s long-standing weekend venue at 63 E. Boston Street and expands its use to attract events all week long. Building a customer base beyond what had been primarily weddings, SoHo63 will accommodate corporate customers as a meeting and workshop site with upgraded technology such … [More]

County Procurement

by Mike Hunter

Do business with the county through the Procurement Office. Maricopa County and the City of Phoenix actively solicit vendors to participate and benefit from doing business with state and federal civic entities. Find out more.     … [More]

Healthcare Mandate: Deadline Looms

by Mike Hunter

The clock is ticking for U.S. businesses with more than $500,000 in annual revenues to comply with a new requirement created by Section 1512 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This requirement mandates that employers provide a notice to employees of coverage options available through the Health Insurance Marketplace (i.e., “Exchange”) no later than Oct. 1, 2013. … [More]