Invest in Our Community!

by RaeAnne Marsh

Nonprofits are businesses. That’s obvious, of course, to anyone who has served on a nonprofit organization’s board of directors. They have to operate in the black in order to continue to fulfill their mission. It’s “the mission” that takes center stage in most discussion about impact and purpose with respect to nonprofit organizations. And that’s understandable, given that … [More]

David Adame, Chicanos Por La Causa

from David Adame

Arizona is home to more than 21,000 nonprofits, with missions as varied as our population. And while it is recognized that these organizations serve the community through services to their various constituents — from providing the basics of food, shelter and clothing to mentoring to medical assistance and research — it is not so generally recognized that the nonprofit sector … [More]

Is Work About Time?

by Ginka Toegel

In this day and age of hyper connectivity and changing values, it’s a wonder that many of us still work in an office during a fixed window of hours. Of course, for airports, hospitals, shipping companies, retail stores and many other organizations to run efficiently, they need to have strict schedules and their workforce has to be there or bad things can happen. But what … [More]

Waste Not

by RaeAnne Marsh

Waste Management’s tagline for the Waste Management Phoenix Open is “The Greenest Show on Grass,” and the details in the adjoining column give testament to its commitment to that goal. The company’s dedication to “green” also extends beyond its own operations, and it hosts a forum every year alongside the Open that “gives us a chance to investigate and think more deeply about … [More]

Litigation on the Rise from Americans with Disabilities Act 

by Lindsay G. Leavitt 

Arizona is quickly joining the ranks of California, New York and Texas as a hotbed for lawsuits arising under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Over the past six months, a handful of serial plaintiffs — known as “testers” — have filed hundreds of lawsuits against Arizona businesses. First there was Theresa Brooke, a wheelchair-bound woman who filed more than 150 lawsuits … [More]

Powerful Strategic Planning 

by Deborah Whitehurst 

Annually — or every three to five years — nonprofit board members gear up for strategic planning retreats, assessing the organization’s performance over the previous year or tackling long-term planning. Some view strategic planning as nothing more than a label: Yes. We have a strategic plan. Check. Others see such planning as a waste of time or money. Still others see its value … [More]

Chuck McLane: Accounting for CBIZ Growth

Strengthening nonprofits relationships and employee development

A strong focus of CBIZ’s Phoenix office is its not-for-profit practice. In fact, shares lead managing director Chuck McLane, “some of our success here has led to similar approaches in other CBIZ offices.” His office’s approach includes identifying the not-for-profit organizations in the Valley that have a meaningful purpose and are able to attract to their boards the leadership … [More]

Computers ‘Good as New’

by RaeAnne Marsh

Establishing a company that takes slightly used computers and makes them “good as new,” brother and sister Ken and Linda Chan founded Ironman Refurbished Business Computers in Chandler in 2010 and recently launched a mobile-accessible e-commerce site to expand sales nationwide. IRBC specializes in the reconditioning of top-consumer-rated, business-grade Dell, Lenovo and HP … [More]

Technology as Equalizer

by RaeAnne Marsh

Mega-retailers maintain websites with information on their extensive inventory, and keep that information up to date with new products and changes in product pricing and availability. It’s a data base that smaller retailers, even with a more limited or niche-focused inventory, do not generally have the manpower to create and maintain. Brother and sister entrepreneurs James Kane … [More]

Contracting Assistance Is ‘Win-Win’ for Small Biz & Government

by Beth Reece

The Defense Logistics Agency’s Office of Small Business Programs administers a unique program designed to assist small businesses as they navigate government contracting. The Procurement Technical Assistance Program was created in 1985 to provide specialized training and assistance to small businesses to help increase their participation in government contracts at local, state … [More]