Incubating Business: Are Startups Accelerating Our Economy?

by RaeAnne Marsh

Apple and Intel may capture the headlines, but entrepreneurs are the drivers of the economy. A focused effort to foster an entrepreneurial culture in Arizona, which has generated a tremendous number of business incubators and accelerators, has been building in just the past several years. “State development folks realized we were overly dependent on defense, construction and … [More]

MaryAnn Guerra, BioAccel

from MaryAnn Guerra

Arizona has been recognized by Fast Company as the top state for entrepreneurial activity. And small business is a significant economic driver for our state, as it is for the country as a whole, powered in large part by technology. Technology development is moving at great speed, emanating from many diverse sources and a variety of fields of study. The problem is not in … [More]

Venturing in Today’s Age of the Entrepreneur

by Jenny Q. Ta

Now is the age of the entrepreneur, and today’s entrepreneur operates in a sphere where changes follow each other in rapid succession. In the coming years, the interests of the consumer will once again become a focal point in business. Entrepreneurs are advised to seek a personal relationship with their clients by taking account of their individual needs and desires. Social … [More]

Cracking the Code to Innovation

by Neal Thornberry, Ph.D.

Everyone says they want innovation in their organization, but when an ambitious employee offers it to a CEO, for example, the idea is often shot down. Senior leaders often miss the value-creating potential of a new concept because they either don’t take the time to really listen and delve into it, or the innovating employee presents it in the wrong way. Innovation should be … [More]

Meetings: Make Them Time Well-Spent 

by Joel D. Levitt

Typical executives spend more than 20 percent of their time in meetings with five or more people. At the same time, surveys indicate that a majority of them are dissatisfied with the value and outcome of their meetings. There is a simple technique that takes only minutes (no pun intended) that can effortlessly eliminate some of the collisions, faux pas, cancellations, delays … [More]

Underestimating the Value of an MBA: The Latest Fad

by Anthony L. Liuzzo, J.D., Ph.D.

Why go back to a university after all these years just to incur mounds of student debt? Why learn finance, marketing and leadership skills when there are numerous examples of successful entrepreneurs who founded businesses without getting advanced degrees? Why try to learn business content in a world where ever-changing technology creates dinosaurs faster than Steven … [More]

Working Out Equity and Ownership Issues

by RaeAnne Marsh

“One of the most important things for startups to know is how precious their equity is; the ownership in their company is,” says Peter Wand, a partner with the law firm Lewis Roca Rothgerber, noting that in some incubators and almost all accelerators there is an aspect of investment in exchange for a share in the company. All incubators and accelerators operate differently, … [More]

P3s: Partnering for the Future

by Cassandra Larsen

A $600-million convention center expansion. Scientific, medical, research and educational collaborations in the heart of the city. A state-of-the-art automated Sky Train … Indeed, today’s downtown Phoenix is markedly different from what it was even a decade earlier. So how did this transformation take place in such a short span of time? It was due, in part, to public-private … [More]

Trish McCarty: Innovating Education

by Alison Stanton

As founder and CEO of StarShine Academy, a K-12 charter school in Phoenix, Trish McCarty feels strongly that her most important customers are the students, some of whom are just 5 years old. “Our main customers are our children, and the second-most important customers are our teachers,” she says. McCarty was inspired to open StarShine Academy in 2002 because she was deeply … [More]

Blink Once to Guard Against Fraud

by Mike Saucier

As millions of Americans fall victim to identity fraud each year, USAA is unveiling its solution to offer its 10.1 million members safety against such theft: biometric recognition. A new USAA app has to recognize a user’s face before allowing access to the individual’s accounts. USAA, which offers banking, investing and insurance services to people and families who serve or … [More]