Business & Our Legislature: Is this Relationship Working?

by Don Harris

Receptive Republican majorities and an aggressive, persuasive private sector are making sure that business needs are being heard loud and clear at the state capitol — perhaps louder and clearer than at any other time in recent years. Evidence of a successful relationship, lobbyists and business-related organizations say, is legislation that fosters economic development, … [More]

Rick McCartney, InMedia Company

from Rick McCartney

A healthy state economy is the common goal of our state’s leaders in politics and business — so Arizona will continue to be an attractive home for individuals and companies. Both forces earnestly and energetically pursue courses of action they believe will achieve the best results. That they don’t always see eye to eye on specifics is no surprise to anyone who reads the … [More]

Humility Is the New Key to Success

by Edward D. Hess

Not so long ago, our culture really (really) admired people with big egos. We called them rugged individualists, fearless leaders, MVPs, visionaries and go-getters. We respected these confident and successful folks for (seemingly) having all the answers. They were all too happy to stand their ground and argue their point, and we saw this as a sign of strength and … [More]

Conversation: Still a Powerful Tool in Our High-Tech World

by Brady G. Wilson

You may not realize it, but your organization is home to an incredibly powerful operating system (O/S). Think outside the realm of technology. What has the potential to engage and energize your employees, bring teams closer together, and create a high-performing workforce? It’s conversation. Conversation is the common denominator behind “apps” like customer service, … [More]

Considerations with Funding a Company

by R. Steven Reed

Determining the best capital structure for a business is one of the many difficult decisions owners and founders must make. Capital structures vary widely, and what may work best for one company may be completely wrong for another — depending on the industry area, resources available and management team. Different capital structures include bootstrapping (completely financed by … [More]

The Value of Values-Based Hiring

by Brian Mohr and Richard Tollefson 

It happens all the time: A candidate with impeccable credentials steps up to a nonprofit leadership position only to step down within a year or so. But why? And why so often? A number of reasons could be at play — expectations aren’t being met (by employee or employer), co-workers’ work styles clash, the workload is not as expected — but mostly it boils down to not the right … [More]

Rob Donat: Enhancing Fleet ROI

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Any vehicle that has a phone number on it is potentially valuable to a company like ours,” says Rob Donat, founder and CEO of fleet tracking company GPS Insight, which provides sophisticated tracking solutions that help companies with fleets add value to their operation — more efficient dispatch and routing being one of many advantages. When he moved to Scottsdale from … [More]

PCH’s Trauma Care Expands

by Mike Hunter

Phoenix Children’s Hospital broke ground last month on a new Emergency Department and Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center that will dramatically increase the hospital’s emergency and trauma care capacity to meet the needs of Arizona’s burgeoning pediatric population. Traumatic injuries are the leading cause of death in Arizona of children between the ages of 1 and 16. Phoenix … [More]

Healing Buildings

by RaeAnne Marsh

Healthcare is going through drastic change around the country, shares Angela Watson, a principal and design leader at Shepley Bulfinch, an architecture, planning and interior design firm for which healthcare has been a big part for nearly 100 of its 140-plus years, and she sees Phoenix as an area particularly strong in opportunity. “Healthcare providers in the Phoenix area look … [More]

Cancer Screening Advances

by Mike Hunter

Scottsdale-based Beacon Biomedical, Inc., a privately held company focused on developing patient-friendly cancer screening, received an investment from Phoenix-based Hyalescent Ventures, which focuses its investments on healthcare and medical technology.  Beacon has secured the exclusive worldwide rights from the NIH for the detection and quantification of a signaling protein … [More]

More than Weight Loss

by Mike Hunter

Weight Watchers’ new Beyond the Scale program shifts from a focus on weight loss alone to overall wellness — including emotional and physical health. This augments the best practices information Weight Watchers provides employers through its Weight Watchers Health Solutions program that helps companies make their workplaces healthier and employees more engaged. Part of Beyond … [More]

Old-Fashioned Mentoring for a New Generation of Lawyers

by Robert J. McWhirter

The problem was clear: Law firms were no longer hiring large classes of associates, and clients, always seeking better value for cost, were no longer paying to train baby lawyers. The profession has been changing from under us. The good old ways of bridging law school and practice were not what they used to be. Many a new grad has hung up a shingle in an ever more complex world … [More]

New Spin on Getting Fit

by Mike Hunter

For executives who work long hours and never have time to lead a personal life, staying in shape usually takes a back seat. CycleCast brings streaming spin classes to the digital space, with workouts from qualified instructors, including Kevin Mondrick of BFX Studio and Isabel Schaefer, Spinning Master Instructor. The app allows anyone with an iPhone to get fit on their own … [More]

Managers’ Management Tool

by Mike Hunter

PeopleSpark is team communication platform that helps improve openness, trust and transparency between managers and teams of any size. It creates a private, weekly feedback loop between managers and each individual on their team. Managers can get ahead of problems before they arise, helping them maintain the unique culture within their team while taking action on issues in … [More]

Hot Spot Connectivity

by Mike Hunter

Cox Communications recently launched more than 5,000 new Wi-Fi hot spots in Arizona, strategically located in high-traffic areas like businesses, hotels, restaurants and malls throughout Tucson and the Greater Phoenix metro area. This brings the total number nationwide to more than 10,000. Customers simply enter their Cox user ID and password to log in to Cox WiFi. Once … [More]

Legislature Live

by Mike Hunter

The Legislative Broadcasting System is a nonpartisan department of the Arizona State Legislature, making state government more open and accessible to the people of Arizona. As LBS’s production unit, Arizona Capitol Television produces educational programs about state government, history and the legislative process. It also airs special programs, narrated by Marshall Trimble, … [More]

Smart Automation and Artificial Intelligence a Boon to IT Workers

by Mike Hunter

Smart automation tools and artificial intelligence (AI) that automate daily tasks in an enterprise go hand-in-hand with job satisfaction, according to sentiment expressed by IT workers. The surprising results of a recent survey reported by arago GmbH reveal that IT workers not only welcome smart automation but a clear majority also identify concrete benefits these technologies … [More]

Buck &Rider: Aussie Beach House-Inspired

by Mike Hunter

This newest eatery from the people at LGO, who brought us Le Grand Orange and Chelsea’s Kitchen, was built from the ground up with Phoenicians in mind, inspired by a beach house in a coastal town in Australia. A unique concept that brings the sea to the dining table, this fun-vibe space is at once open and cozy, fresh and simple in a comfortably causal atmosphere. There’s … [More]

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