Smart Automation and Artificial Intelligence a Boon to IT Workers

by Mike Hunter


Smart automation tools and artificial intelligence (AI) that automate daily tasks in an enterprise go hand-in-hand with job satisfaction, according to sentiment expressed by IT workers. The surprising results of a recent survey reported by arago GmbH reveal that IT workers not only welcome smart automation but a clear majority also identify concrete benefits these technologies bring that both complement and increase the efficiencies of their daily workload — rather than pose a threat of commandeering their jobs. Eighty-five percent of IT professionals said they have experienced or would expect smart automation to increase efficiency.

Spiceworks conducted the survey of IT professionals on behalf of arago, which offers intelligent automation solutions for enterprise IT, to examine IT professionals’ attitudes and experiences using smart automation with AI technology. The IT professionals polled expressed their desire to reduce menial tasks that tend to burn up their time and are non-stimulating. In that regard, 88 percent said they have experienced or would expect automation to free up their time so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. Contrary to popular impression, 93 percent do not believe automated IT tools put their jobs at risk and 91 percent do not believe automated IT tools are the beginning of an AI takeover.

“IT pros know that smart automation technology frees up their time, reduces the need for menial tasks and allows them to concentrate on innovative endeavors that are much more strategic to their employers and their own future. That shows the common narrative stating that IT Pros find smart automation a threat to their jobs, and that they are afraid of a machine takeover, are overblown. The reality is quite the opposite,” says Chris Boos, arago founder and CEO.

The two tasks most preferred by IT professionals are innovating technology/solutions (72 percent) and modernizing existing technology (63 percent). Two they would prefer to not spend time with are ticket documentation and reporting (59 percent) and routine maintenance (36 percent). In general, 85 percent reported that intellectually stimulating and learning/development activities are most important to their job satisfaction.

Cost and reliability emerged as the top concerns in automating IT functions, as 73 percent of IT professionals reported they are likely to consider automating processes, assigning to a machine the aspects of IT they least enjoy.

IT Professionals Evaluate Tasks

IT Responsibility Percent reporting this
as a primary aspect of
IT responsibility
Percent of
spent on it
Troubleshooting/assisting users 92% 35%
Modernizing technology 92% 16%
Doing routine maintenance 91% 16%
Planning/strategizing for future IT 84% 14%
Ticket documentation/reporting 75% 12%
Other 10% 7%

Free-Time Preferences

If IT pros had more free time in their work day, this is how they would prefer to spend it.

Task Preferred by
Innovating technology/solutions 72%
Modernizing existing technology 63%
Training/development 55%
Helping end-users 13%
Doing routine maintenance 8%
Other 4%

Best Use of Time and Talent

Benefits of Automation IT pros report they have experienced or would expect to experience these benefits by automating IT processes.

Benefit Cited by
More free time to focus on important IT initiatives 88%
Increased efficiency 85%
Faster problem solving 54%
Reduced number of errors/compliance reinforcement 54%
Increased job satisfaction 49%
Increased recognition for advanced IT capabilities 33%
Reduced need for outsourcing 27%

Source: arago GmbH

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