Partnering in Delivery

by Mike Hunter

In a strategic partnership, OnTrac, which specializes in delivery services throughout the eight western-area states, and AB&R® (American Barcode & RFID) have joined forces to address issues in mobility and route management, and package tracking.

AB&R is working together with OnTrac to move their devices over to AndroidTM devices. The Android operating system is much more touch-friendly. This means less reading errors and faster response times in the delivery management application, an important factor when speed and efficiency are the main components for generating and increasing revenue.

OnTrac and AB&R are also developing an easy-to-use, customizable delivery application for OnTrac Service Providers. The upgraded application will allow an OnTrac service providers to easily adjust their route by dragging and dropping addresses, integrating google maps for turn-by-turn navigation, and sync functionality that will send data back to OnTrac’s delivery management system for administrators to take action in real-time.

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