nCipher Newly Launched 

by Mike Hunter

nCipher Security — now better positioned to be responsive to market needs since taking its 20 years of experience and launching in January as a separate stand-alone business within Thales — provides cryptographic solutions to secure emerging technologies such as cloud, IoT, blockchain and digital payments and help meet new compliance mandates, using the same proven technology that global organizations depend on today to protect against threats to their sensitive data, network communications and enterprise infrastructure. 

Today’s fast-moving digital environment enhances customer satisfaction, gives competitive advantage and improves operational efficiency. It also multiplies the security risks. nCipher Security helps organizations control their business-critical information and applications.

Organizations are also now subject to an increasing number of strict compliance mandates such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation, California Data Breach Notification Law and Australia Privacy Amendment Act 2017. nCipher provides high-level assurance in protecting sensitive data, enabling organizations to meet these very stringent compliance controls.

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