Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary

CEO celebrates 25 years of service
Goettl May 13, 2014

Copyright 2014 CDP Commercial, LLC.Goettl Air Conditioning, a leading heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) company in Arizona, is celebrating a number of monumental anniversaries throughout 2014, including its own 75th anniversary and 25 years with its CEO and former president Dan Burke.

More than half of Phoenix’s 133-year history has included Goettl Air Conditioning. The company was founded in Phoenix on Feb. 14, 1939 by brothers Adam and Gust Goettl, who sought to deliver an effective means of keeping Arizona residents cool during the hot summer months. The company has grown tremendously since that time, and is now a staple brand of Arizona.

HVAC-industry veteran and managing partner Kenneth D. Goodrich purchased Goettl in December 2012. Goodrich, who has built several successful HVAC and Plumbing companies throughout the Southwest over the last 20 years, asked then-president Burke to take on the role of CEO to help realize his vision for the company.

“Goettl has had a long history with the great state of Arizona, and we look forward to another successful 75 years in the future,” said Goodrich. “With Dan’s experience and commitment, we’re going to continue to do great things for our industry and our community.”

Burke started with Goettl in 1989, serving then as the company’s president. He came to Goettl with several years of industry experience, and used his leadership and devotion to his craft to make the company an integral part of Arizona’s HVAC community.

Under Goodrich and Burke’s leadership, Goettl has been acknowledged for its excellence in HVAC installation and service. The company was recently recognized as a finalist for the 2014 Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce IMPACT Award, and within the last year the company received praise from Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. Just recently, Goettl was honored with a special recognition by Governor Janice K. Brewer, acknowledging the company’s 75 years of service to the state.


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  5. […] their installation services include but are not limited to furnaces, air cleaners and humidifiers. Goettl was founded by Adam and Gust Goettl in the midst of the Second World War in 1939. They originally moved to Las Vegas Valley in 1968 […]

  6. […] Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939, and operates in the Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and California areas. Ken Goodrich purchased the company in 2013 and now has purchased Moore Air Conditioning, part of a plan to add 100+ jobs in the Las Vegas area over the next 12 months and grow Goettl Air Conditioning by 50% in 2017. The purchase of Moore Air Conditioning adds 300+ years of experience to Goettl. […]

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  9. […] Goettl air is excited to come back to Vegas, when it left in 2007 due to the recession. Goettl purchased this air conditioning company back to Vegas in 2016, where he began his love of Goettl Air started. Goodrich remembers the times when he held the flashlight for his father on service calls. His took that philosophy of responding right away to his own company. He feels customers need to be serviced right away, not when it is convenient for a company to respond. Posted on June 8, 2016Author tymarCategories Business […]

  10. […] Goettl Air Conditioning was created back in 1939by Adam and Gust Goettl. They came to Las Vegas in 1968 and stayed in business there until 2007 when the recession took its toll and the company moved to Arizona. Ken Goodrich purchased the company in 2013 and in April of 2016 was able to bring the company back to his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company currently operates in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and Southern California. More information on Goettl can be found here. Sources: http://www.kswo.com/story/32052105/goettl-air-conditioning-acquires-moore-air-conditioning http://inbusinessphx.com/just-in/goettl-air-conditioning-celebrates-75th-anniversary#.Vz8X7UURW4E […]

  11. […] is what Ken Goodrich represents, and that is why he has managed to become a major player in the air conditioning industry. His generous spirit may prompt people to recognize his business even more. […]

  12. […] knows a thing or two about recruiting good employees because he has totally shifted the presences of Goettl Air Conditioning in the Arizona area. He has made people recognize Goettl Air Conditioning as one of the […]

  13. […] Goettl Air Conditioning is a commercial and residential business in the Phoenix area, with ties in the community that go back for generations. Started in 1939, the business has grown and added services to its lineup of reputable and trusted services. Ranging from installation to repair, the heating and air conditioning business is dedicated to offering a full service package for any home or business that needs HVAC maintenance. […]

  14. […] Goettl Air Conditioning is a local HVAC company that works within the Las Vegas community to bring residents and businesses complete and competent services. Started in 1939, the business came to the Nevada area in the late 60s. […]

  15. […] Since summer is now here, you may be wondering how to keep your pet cool during these scorching temperatures. Goettl Air Conditioning, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, has a few tips for you to help your pet during these hot months. Concrete, asphalt, any surface that can retain heat can hurt your pet’s paws. If you can not hold the back of your hand to the surface for at least 10 seconds, consider re scheduling your walks to the evening or early morning hours. If your pet has a short, light colored coat, you may want to apply pet safe sunscreen to ears and the nose. Proper grooming during these months promotes air and blood circulation. […]

  16. […] Goettl is known for excellence in their field. Established in 1939 Goettl has been providing excellent service for nearly ninety years. The Company has services centers in both the Phoenix and Tucson areas. . Goettl maintains highly trained technicians and a management staff that that has lots of experience. They are highly equipped to meet your heating and cooling needs. […]

  17. […] And also to apply pet-friendly sunscreen, especially for dogs with light colored coats, or with short hair. Doggie pools are an effective way to let your pets play and stay cool all in one. It is important that pets have cool and fresh water, as well as shady places. And during the summer the heat can cause antifreeze leaks in overheating cares, which can leave sweet-tasting puddles that could harm pets, so it is important to keep pets away from this. Goettl Air Conditioning originally was created by Adam and Gust Goettl in 1939, before in 1968, when it came to the Las Vegas Valley. The company left it’s location in Southern Nevada following the recession in 2007. […]

  18. […] Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary […]

  19. […] Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary […]

  20. […] Some of the best tips from Goettl are the simple tips that many people overlook. The one that pet owners should be mindful of is the paws off the pavement tip. This is basically a suggestion to keep your pets off the pavement in the summer because the cement is so much hotter than it looks. I wear shoes all summer so I don’t notice, but there are times when I get out of shoes and I care barely want on pavement. Dogs have sensitivity to this just like us so Goettl AC recommends keeping the pets off the pavement when it is possible to do so. This means pet owners should get those walks with their dogs in the early morning. […]

  21. […] Goettl Air Conditioning Repairmen was a struggling business in 2012, under heavy legal pressure. Without strong management to guide it the company looked as if it was about to fold to the harsh competition in the AC repair market. That was before Ken Goodrich bought the company and began over hauling into a competitive and successful business venture. […]

  22. […] Goettl air conditioning products will improve the air quality of your home or business and keep you cool throughout the hot summer days and nights. Their customer service is top notch and their repair and installation staff will get the job right every time. […]

  23. […] Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary […]

  24. […] Ken Goodrich is determined not to make the same mistakes as his predecessors, which is why he has decided to take a personal approach to the Goettl brand that has not been his business style in the past. The Goettl brand continues to see a continued period of growth with Ken Goodrich making sure every job completed is done so to the highest possible standards; Goodrich examines pictures of every completed task by his technicians to make sure they are completed correctly before any job can be viewed as completed. […]

  25. […] Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary […]

  26. […] A lot was going on when Ken was contemplating the purchase of this particular company. For one, most of Goettl employees seem to lack the passion a business like Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairmen should inspire. The company was doing so bad that many competitors were plotting against them and planned to use the state’s attorney general to bring them down. […]

  27. […] The biggest thing that Ken Goodrich had to do was reestablish the reputation of the company with customers. There are tons of companies that provide the same services that are provided by Goettl. A sense of loyalty and quality service has to be provided in ordered for a company to truly compete. Ken Goodrich worked diligently on reestablishing the Goettl reputation. Technicians were sent out to jobs with a smile. They were trained to provide quality and made great first impressions with the customers. The technicians were also taught to be mindful of the customers that were loyal and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. http://inbusinessphx.com/just-in/goettl-air-conditioning-celebrates-75th-anniversary […]

  28. […] Under previous ownership, the company of Goettl was expected to fail. Goettl Air Conditioning Repairmen has since then been able to grow stronger and has even created a new motto for the company that states “solid as a rock”. This 75 year old company, though having gone through some tough times, is now more successful than ever thanks to the mission of one individual in particular. Before the new purchase of Goettl by Ken Goodrich, this company was expected to fail. Upon his first inspection of the company, Mr. Goodrich found that his newly purchased company not only lacked a vision in addition to confidence, but also lacked to means of being able to compete with other heating and air conditioning companies. Since 2012 when this company was purchased, Mr. Goodrich has been able to successfully double the profits of the company from the initial $11 million in 2012 to $20 million in 2014. […]

  29. […] Most of the time when a company gets a buyout from an investor who is known for buying and flipping damaged firms for profit, and is faced with a negative rating from the BBB it’s a sign that dissolution and liquidation may not be far down the line, but that is not the case with Goettl and is not your regular investment entrepreneur. The difference is that Goettl has not only recovered from the dark times it had suffered in recent years, to the tune of 20 Million in revenue in 2014, but is on the verge of a major operational expansion and a return to a previous name that had become synonymous with quality and high standards so greatly that it was a household mainstay for those in the greater Las Vegas area. Another major difference is that Goodrich has a connection to Goettl that is much more than the company’s owner, for him is personal, deeply personal. Goettl Air conditioning started out in 1939 in the Las Vegas area and became a popular choice for servicing of HVAC systems due to their high standards and expert professionalism. The company grew over the next few decades until the economic downturn and staffing changes brought about by retirements of the original employees led to an unfortunate decision to move to Arizona. Things didn’t get much better over the next couple of years and in December 2012 the firm was purchased in whole by Goodrich. Goodrich is a man who is more than familiar with the HVAC business, his father was a HVAC technician and he has fond memories of growing up and helping his dad, often holding the flashlight when his father would have to go out on night calls to meet a customer’s needs. He has bought, sold and repaired more than 20 air conditioning companies over his career and made a fortune doing it, but with Goettl things are a little different. See when young Goodrich was helping his dad all those years ago it was a Goettl uniform that he was wearing. Since Goodrich’s arrival on the scene Goettl AC which had been stunted by over rapid growth, a loss of more than 1/3 of its workforce and a senior staff that were not concerned with the health of the company as much as they were in their own paychecks has seen a rapid turnaround, and now in a signal to the return to the standards of quality and professionalism that the company had always stood for, Ken Goodrich has decided to turn the company back to its original name of Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairmen, citing that the decision to change it upon acquisition was not one that he would do again in hindsight. New installation procedures have been initiated, standards for quality control have been put in place, and staff have been carefully curated to weed out the chaff including the company’s president. Among other terminations included the general manager, the service manager, and the operations manager, along with 17 others who had been described as “cronies” of the senior management, and bring in new recruits that are among the best technicians available for hiring, many right out of school. Now the company has 84 full-time staffers and operates a fleet of 58 vehicles, all of which are top of the line. Company CEO and former owner Dan Burke was retained and has been assisting in the positive transition of the firm under the hand of Goodrich. Every major department has been revamped, streamlined and modernized all with quality and customer satisfaction in mind. Everything from IT to scheduling to QA checks on fished jobs old and new has been reimagined and has helped drive a new sense of moral and personal pride in the company among the employees. Goettl Air conditioning, soon to be known once more as Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairmen has been serving customers in Arizona and Las Vegas for more than 75 years. It has been a standard bearer for the industry in the region and despite hard times has found a way back. It takes good people to turn around a company that has lost its focus, and that’s what Goettl has, great people. It’s safe to say also that with Ken Goodrich at the helm, driven by a passion for the industry and the desire to ensure that the name of a company that meant so much to his father is elevated once more, it will be around for many more generations. […]

  30. […] In 2013, Ken Goodrich decided to purchase Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning, then Goettl Air Conditioning, because at the time they were going through difficulties staying afloat. There were many problems with the company before Ken Goodrich came into play, and so much so that there were state attorney generals accusing them of deceptive marketing and sales practices. As stated in Goettl Air Conditioning Acquires Moore Air Conditioning. […]

  31. […] Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary […]

  32. […] Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation The Re-beginnings of Goettle The company needed restructuring and it all started with a vision for everyone. The purpose was to get employees and customers excited about doing business. The point was to deal with the criticism and answer the comments. Gaining a Reputation The arrival of Goodrich let to some restructuring of the management team and employees. Today Goettle HVAC repair service has almost 100 employees and a fleet of more than 58 vehicles. Goodrich returned to completed installations and performed inspections to correct mistakes. Today Goettle uses new installation methods that make a real difference. There are stringent quality control processes. And it is the caring for quality that makes the company a remarkable one. The new methods have transformed morale and customers have regained faith in the services. Goettle is quickly becoming the Go-To company when it comes to HVAC service and repair. Bottom Line “Goettl has overhauled all service and management areas. The biggest issue of the changeover was getting people to adapt to the changes,” says former owner Dan Burke, who was retained to help stabilize the company. It was tough as employees had to care for Air Conditioning and Heating clients while at the same time address the changes in the administrative changes, but in the end it was all worth it. […]

  33. […] Living in the Las Vegas summer is something that can be dangerous and has even been warned by the Centers for Disease Control. Especially for younger individuals and older individuals, the exposure to too much heat can have a serious impact on the body. Once Goettl heard of this issue, this company knew that it had to help and provide the best services possible to this individual. Despite the lack of money, Goettl along with the plumbing service offered all the services that were required free with absolutely no service charge included. Asa business within a community, Goettl felt as if it was their duty to take care of the individuals living within the community. […]

  34. […] Goettl Air Conditioning was started in 1939 by Adam Goettl and Gust. The company brought its services to Les Vegas in 1986. The 2007 recession affected the company, forcing it to move to Southern Nevada. In 2015, the company returned to Les Vegas. The company is currently led by Ken Goodrich, and it has experienced a lot of success. The company offers consumers new units, repairs and maintenance of residential air conditioning systems and heat ventilation. […]

  35. […] Goettl Air Conditioning is honoring veterans with a special award that is just for people who leave the service and go into the HVAC field. These people are trying to start new careers, and they cannot do that unless they are working with Goettl after going to school. […]

  36. […] Goettl Air Conditioning provide plumbing services of superior quality in all of the Southwest. Originally founded in 1939, the HVAC services company relocated to the Las Vegas Valley in 1968, repairing residential heating and cooling systems, performing preventive maintenance services and selling brand-new replacement units. All of the technicians that are employed with the company are expertly trained and received continuous education and technical training and each technician goes through an extensive background and drug test before employed. Goettl Air Conditioning only hires the the most qualified technicians, so customers are assured that they will get superior products and services every time they call. […]

  37. […] Goettl Air Conditioning has regained its place among the top providers of HVAC services. The company has earned their lost trust once again as many people are seeking for their superior services. Mr. Goodrich says that it was not an easy process regaining the public’s trust. Even though customer service is a lost art, Goodrich has made it a top priority. They add an individual touch to their business, something that lacks in most businesses. […]

  38. […] Goettl Air Conditioning, with the help of Daikin-Goodman Global, had installed a brand-new custom mini-split electrical unit for Jackson’s trailer home (one that will give her sufficient air conditioning throughout the summer, and sufficient heating around the wintertime as well), while The Sunny Plumber had fixed her broken water line. […]

  39. […] Goettl Air comes with a long history, founded in 1939, and they have a history of helping people in the air cool from the harsh desert. Goodrich remembers the company from his childhood and went on service calls with his father. Goodrich wishes to revive the company and keep the vision of the Goettl name. This company will now join a larger company that spans 25 states. […]

  40. […] What makes Goettl so special is the fact that this business has much history to the name and that it has been able to grow over the past few years into a more efficient business than ever before. With some of the best installation processes seen, quality is emphasized with this company. Goettl even has the employees that have installed the products to take a picture of the finished result as proof that the business exceeded the expectations of the customer. Goettl is truly a company that is for the people. […]

  41. […] ARS acquired four firms, which are located in different states in the past year. The administration of the company is currently trying to revive the production of various air conditioning equipment for the Goettl brand. John Ryan, who is the vice president of Goettl, said that the company stopped the manufacturing business about 15 months ago due to the stiff competition from imported products. The firm has been selling goods from other manufacturers. The ARS marketing director, Elizabeth Young, believes that the company intends to restart the production of the Goettl’s products for it to take advantage of the well-recognized brand. […]

  42. […] The Las Vegas Informer reported of Miss Jackson’s gratitude to Goettl Air Conditioning and the sister company for having granted her back her freedom. She said she did not like the idea of moving into a nursing home, and nothing could make her happier than keeping her home and her independence. […]

  43. […] are some people who are going to be able to get great service from Goettl, but it is also a company that tries to help people make sure that they are going to be able to get […]

  44. […] reviewer explains how the Goettl technician put right the problems that were left with their equipment after it was installed by a […]

  45. […] to determine if he could afford the services. The costs are entirely transparent and reasonable. Goettl experts are not only well trained, but also completely trustworthy. Before the company hires new […]

  46. […] capable and professional team from Goettl ensures that every client is satisfied with both its products and services before leaving any […]

  47. […] in order to ensure the quality and to make sure that the customer is protected. Thanks to Goettl AC and the new high quality customer service, this company even offers free consultation and free […]

  48. […] correctly and efficiently. Air quality is a major concern for most residents in the Phoenix area. Goettl is fully equipped to test and improve the air quality in your home to make it more comfortable and […]

  49. […] Goettl offers a lot of different services to it’s customers. One service that they provide is air conditioning. They can install air conditioners into people homes. They also do maintenance on already installed products. If your air conditioner needs fixed they also do repairs. […]

  50. […] Goettl Air Conditioning has been positively reviewed on Angies List for the high quality of services they offer. The service company has received praise for its three-year plan, where they pay the client a visit twice a year for checkups. The service people at Goettl are also quite knowledgeable, according to the reviews. They always inform their customers of what the cost of the repairs will be. Thus, if a customer does not have the money, they are not stuck with expenses they cannot afford. In addition, customers have praised the company for doing extensive background reviews of their employees. As a result, you do not have to be worried about having a felon in the house. The company serves people who are in their system much faster, according to reviews. Thus, it is recommended that you join their three-year plan to be given priorities for HVAC services. […]

  51. […] Heating Services; Goettl Air Conditioning has a number of full range heating services for residential, among them, heat pump integration, gas and electric furnace installation, radiant […]

  52. […] air conditioners with ultra-modern types that are customized to the needs of a homeowner. Just as air conditioning is important during summers, heating systems are necessary during winter. Goettl has developed […]

  53. […] Goettl Air Conditioning was established in 1939 by Gust Goettl and Adam Goettl. The business has developed and succeeded in last seven decades of […]

  54. […] it comes to air conditioning companies, Goettl has come a long way from where it has been. When Ken Goodrich has taken over the company, he has adopted a new business […]

  55. […] your time. We are very courteous of your time and will always quote and estimate in honesty. With over 72 years of company knowledge and expertise, we provide the best estimates and quotes to fix all your needs. Goodrich learned […]

  56. […] is a leading air conditioning, ventilation, and heating company located in Arizona. Goettl AC was founded on February 14, 1939, in Phoenix by brothers Gust Goettl and Adam, who sought to deliver an efficient means of keeping Arizona […]

  57. […] and Adam Goettl founded Goettl Air Conditioning in 1939 and came to Las Vegas in 1968. Ken Goodrich bought the Arizona company in 2013 and established it in […]

  58. […] has a history dating back to the 1930s of bringing success and innovation to the people of Nevada and Arizona, which included the […]

  59. […] to the work of others to bring myself inspiration from the choices he has made as the owner of the historic Goettl brand. I have been impressed with the way Goodrich has brought the Goettl brand back to the Las Vegas area […]

  60. […] The founders of Goettl Air Conditioning knew that they could be of service to those living in one of the hottest areas in the entire country. This is why they brought their know-how and caring to this area nearly a century ago. They knew that people would need to make sure that they could stay cool in the hot sun here. Today, they are still here in the area, working hard each day to offer superior services. When something goes wrong with an air conditioner, it is a good idea to call them first. They will rush to any client’s door with the solution in-hand, helping them get away from the heat. […]

  61. […] Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl. In 1968 the company moved into the Las Vegas Valley. It left Southern Nevada during the economic […]

  62. […] but also high quality installments in every household that seeks out help. This company is Goettl, a company that relies heavily on tradition as well as modernization and is a company that is known […]

  63. […] Las Vegas where temperatures reach in the high one-hundred degrees and he didn’t know about Goettl… Yet. This is compounded by the fact Jim Siler suffered from a stroke, and also took cancer […]

  64. […] is one thing to have a great company, which Goettl Air Conditioning certainly has. That all starts at the top when Ken Goodrich. When he took over the […]

  65. […] it is also important to remember the community and to give back to those that have helped the business stay around since 1939. The thing about Ken Goodrich is that he is not one of those bosses that does good deeds like this […]

  66. […] its portfolio and establish several service centers in the Las Vegas. It is aiming at becoming the leader in the provision of residential air conditioning service in the entire of Las Vegas Valley. Goettl aims to expand its business by 50 percent and recruit more […]

  67. […] Air Conditioning was first established in 1939 and moved its headquarters to the Las Vegas Valley in 1968. After setbacks caused by the recession in 2007, it was forced leave Southern Nevada. After 6 years, […]

  68. […] history of offering air conditioning services and equipment for more than 70 years. Goettl was established by Adam and Gust Goettl in 1939. The company expanded from their home and in 1968 was moved to Las Vegas Valley. After the […]

  69. […] The Goettl brand was founded in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl and was later bought by Ken Goodrich in 2013. Since it was established, the brand has undergone numerous technology and business related transitions. Goodrich decided to buy the brand because of his passion for HVAC systems. He said that as a Las Vegas native, his dad trained him on how to use a Goettl machine. Pursuing a career in HVAC systems was a way of honoring his dad’s training and focusing on his passion. Goettl Air Conditioning is renowned for its excellent customer service. The company comprises of a team of talented, dedicated, and customer-motivated personnel. The personnel also have several years of experience in offering commercial and residential HVAC services. […]

  70. […] Air Conditioning has a long history. It has always provided quality AC and heating services. It offers a comprehensive service of […]

  71. […] it comes to heating and air conditioning, Goettl makes sure that they can provide their clients with everything that they need. They want […]

  72. […] in 1939 by Adam and Gust Goettl, Goettl Air Conditioning has been a prominent fixture in keeping residential and commercial businesses cool throughout the hot summers in Arizona. But in 2012, their managing colleague Ken D. Goodrich bought […]

  73. […] part of the development strategy, Goettl Good Guys has invested in some other local air conditioning and plumbing firms like Goettl Air Conditioning and the Sunny Plumber. Goettl Good Guys are always […]

  74. […] expertise to the Goettl team. Ken Goodrich explained that the acquisition would enable Goettl to offer its clients the best technicians in the sector. Moore has highly experienced climate control specialists. Moore’s team will enhance […]

  75. […] Goettl Air Conditioning Ken Goodrich acquired Goettl air conditioning in 2013. The following year, he opened a branch office in his hometown, Las […]

  76. […] Founded in 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning is the leading provider of high-quality AC and heating equipment. It also provides an extensive range of maintenance, replacement, and repair services in the Las Vegas Valley. Currently, Goettl’s services are available in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Southern California areas. […]

  77. […] must remember that Goettl has been around since 1939 and with that amount of time put in, seven decades plus, they have built up a lot of trust within […]

  78. […] shown on their website, Goettl has been around since 1939 and they have earned the respect of the communities they serve. Whether it comes to maintenance, […]

  79. […] It is more of a family business because the owner was trained by his father and manages the business himself. Some of the services offered include duct cleaning, furnace repairs, heating solutions and many others. With a large customer base, the company has provided employment for various technicians. It also is still in the expansion process as part of its plans to become the biggest HVAC servicing company in America. […]

  80. […] Adam and Gust Goettl created the company in 1939 and then relocated in 1968 to the Las Vegas Valley. The company was forced out of Southern Nevada by the recession in 2007. It was then purchased by Ken Goodrich in 2013 and opened the Las Vegas branch office in April 2016. Goodrich had developed his love for the company in Las Vegas when he was 10 as he held a flashlight for his father working on an evening service call. […]

  81. […] 2016, Goettl celebrated its 77th Anniversary. In attendance during the celebration was Ken Goodrich, who is the company’s owner. Goodrich is a […]

  82. […] Air Conditioning was established in Arizona by Adam and Gust Goettl in 1939. Driven by love for Goettl’s products, Ken Goodrich purchased the company in 2013 and brought it […]

  83. […] In 1939 on February 14th, Goettl Air Conditioning was founded by brothers Adam and Gust Goettl. Later in December of 2012, Goettl was purchased Kenneth D. Goodrich, a managing partner and an HVAC-industry veteran. Goettl has been recognized for its excellence in HVAC services as well as HVAC instillation. More recently, in 2014, the company was recognized for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce IMPACT Award. The company has also received praise from the Mayor of Phoenix as well as a special recognition from the Governor. Goettl celebrated its 75th anniversary with Arizona and they are looking forward to another 75 years to come, as reported in this link: http://inbusinessphx.com/just-in/goettl-air-conditioning-celebrates-75th-anniversary#.WG8VAcMrK00 […]

  84. […] Winter and summer can be especially difficult for the elderly living on social security. When they have anything that breaks it can break their budget. Goettl and Sunny Plumbers both know this very well. They spend their days out in the field and they run across many individuals that are doing without air conditioning because they can not afford to repair them. Goettl Air Conditioning recently did something positive with the help of their sister company the Sunny Plumbers. Goettl heard about a 94-year-old woman that was living on a tight budget. They learned that her air conditioners broke during the heat of summer. Nevada is incredibly dusty and hot in some locations so no unit could mean death to this elderly individual. […]

  85. […] important to have a professional install an AC system. Goettl can install and replace an air conditioning system. If you want a new AC system, then they can install it for […]

  86. […] of Goettl are always available whenever the clients need them. Its customer service office is open 24/7, and the technicians respond to emergencies at any time. The business is devoted to offering […]

  87. […] is an industry leader of HVAC systems and should be considered as being a top option for anyone who wants to efficiently warm the rooms […]

  88. […] 2008 Goettl was purchased by ARS/Rescue Rooter, headquartered in Memphis, and has subsidiaries in 25 states and the District of Columbia. After […]

  89. […] some of the most trusted and professional personalities that have attributed positively in the expansion of the company. This has led to the provision of professional service […]

  90. […] Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary […]

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