That’s Some Crust

by RaeAnne Marsh

Hungry Howie’s

Sauce. Cheeses. Toppings. Pizzerias can put their stamp on their pie in many different ways. In Business Magazine wanted to shine a spotlight on the foundational element: the crust.

California Pizza Kitchen

One of the pioneers that took pizza beyond cheese-and-pepperoni-and-sometimes-anchovies to a whole new world of flavors, CPK added a whole wheat option for crust a few years ago, a boon for those trying to minimize their intake of highly processed flour.

Multiple locations

Hungry Howie’s

Known as the originator of the flavored crust pizza, Hungry Howie’s offers it in Asiago cheese, butter, butter cheese, Cajun, garlic herb, onion, ranch and sesame as well as the plain “original.”

Multiple locations

La Grande Orange Pizzeria

LGO’s fermented crust tastes strongly of sourdough, complementing well the many garden toppings on its creative pizza menu.

4410 N. 40th St., Phoenix
(602) 840-7777 

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