Can You Hear Me?

by Mike Hunter

Communicating virtually is cool, useful and ubiquitous. But whenever there’s a glitch with the technology or a message is unclear, we’re reminded that the quality of human connection we experience in many forms of virtual communication is awful. We’ve all felt disconnected and bored in a video conference, frustrated that we’re not getting through on the phone, or upset when our email is badly misinterpreted. The truth is, virtual communication breeds misunderstanding because it deprives us of the emotional knowledge that helps us understand context.

How can we fix this? In this powerful, practical book, communication expert Nick Morgan outlines five big problems with communication in the virtual world — lack of feedback, lack of empathy, lack of control, lack of emotion, and lack of connection and commitment — sharply highlighting what is lost in our accelerating shift to a more virtual world.

Can You Hear Me?: How to Connect with People in a Virtual World
Nick Morgan
Harvard Business Review Press
Available: 10/30/2018
288 pages

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