Ethnic-Sensitive Healthcare

by Mike Hunter

Equality Health, an Arizona-based organization pioneering healthcare delivery to underserved and ethnic populations, has officially launched its cultural care program with an initial focus on the Hispanic community. “Challenges with language, health literacy and cultural and social norms have created large healthcare disparities for a growing portion of our society, and that’s unacceptable,” says Hugh Lytle, Equality Health founder and CEO.

According to Equality Health’s research and information from its network of providers, nearly 50 percent of Hispanic adults in the United States lack a primary care physician, and this group is more likely to delay healthcare for an illness or drop out of treatment when symptoms disappear. By improving cultural healthcare literacy among dedicated physicians, easing administrative burdens for providers and reducing costs for insurance companies, Equality Health is redefining the one-size-fits-all healthcare system and building culturally specific medical delivery systems.

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