Digital Therapies 

by Mike Hunter

Scottsdale-based Magellan Health, recognized as a leading provider of software-based tools to increase the integration of and access to behavioral health treatment, continues to develop digital therapies by expanding its collaboration with Click Therapeutics to pursue a new avenue: Food and Drug Administration clearance for therapeutic apps. “Using the industry-leading suite of intellectual property and data from Magellan’s existing software, integrated with Click’s leading patient engagement platform, Click will seek regulatory clearance from the FDA to provide indication-specific prescription digital therapies,” says David Benshoof Klein, chief executive officer of Click Therapeutics.

This augments Magellan’s work to provide broad-based, digital and data-driven programs for primary care and specialty care providers.

Last year, Magellan launched a tobacco cessation program with Click Therapeutics leveraging Magellan’s clinical coaching and pharmacy benefit management capabilities with Click’s technology and machine learning platform, including the mobile application, CLICKOTINE®, to create an all-in-one solution.

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