Caregiving Service Benefits Employees, Employers

by Lindsay Jurist-Rosner

There’s a silent crisis affecting one of every five working adults across all genders, races and classes: the challenge of caring for an aging or sick loved one, such as a parent with dementia or child with autism. As employers provide programs to support employees bringing their best selves to work, the caregiving struggle is often overlooked.

Wellthy provides modern, best-in-class caregiving support that employers provide to employees. Employees are assigned a dedicated Care Coordinator (think personal healthcare assistant) who creates a plan and gets time-consuming healthcare tasks done through a modern online experience. Employees get much-needed expertise, time-back, cost savings and relief. Employers get increased productivity, retention, loyalty and presenteeism, which results, on average, in a two-times return on investment.

Lindsay Jurist-Rosner is CEO of Wellthy.

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