Why Video Should Be Part of Your Business Strategy

by Deborah Burris

Video-Business-successDespite the fact that most brands know they should be using video as a part of their business strategy, most aren’t. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should be using video, which will help give you the push you need to finally use this powerful technique for reaching your target customers.

Videos are More Compelling than Other Forms of Content

We are hardwired to pay attention to faces and movement — and the only way to incorporate both of those in your marketing is to use video. Feature real people in your videos to grab the attention of your audience.

Consider featuring yourself or another representative of your company in a video that allows you to share your brand’s message in a way that makes whomever is in the starring role likable. This will allow your audience to feel like they know you or your company rep in a way that they simply can’t through the written word, or even via audio alone. People tend to buy from people they know and like, so conversions and profits tend to go up when you use this powerful tactic.

It’s the Perfect Way to Demonstrate Complicated Ideas

Show, don’t tell. If you have a complex product or service, the easiest way to explain to your audience exactly how it all works and how it can benefit them is via a well-thought-out video demonstration. Additionally, video demonstrations are far more interesting than a dull list of features and benefits, and are easier to understand.

Videos are Perfect for Sharing Testimonials

Not only are videos the best way to share a customer testimonial, but your audience is more likely to put their trust in it if they can actually see and hear the person who is giving you such a glowing recommendation.

Most people won’t say they love your company on camera for the whole world to see unless it’s true, and your customers know it. Use the increased believability that videos bring by asking satisfied customers to share any positive feedback about your company on camera. If you have the budget for it, have a pro help you put it together. Alternatively, if you want to make it easy for as many people as possible to share a video testimonial, ask your satisfied customers to post their reviews on YouTube, and send you the link so you can share it!

Videos are Great for Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story, and smart marketers are using stories to share their marketing message and build brand awareness. We all know movies are popular because it’s far more interesting to watch a story take place on screen then to simply read it and try to imagine how everything unfolds. The same principle applies to advertising.

Grab the attention of your audience by combining video with a compelling story built around your marketing message. This dynamite combination will make your message far more memorable and attention-getting compared to a bland list of features and benefits.

Use Video as Part of Your Business Strategy

Videos have many uses, including getting the word out about your latest products, educating your audience about how your company can serve them, and spreading glowing testimonials from satisfied customers. Start thinking about how you’ll use video as part of your business strategy going forward. You’ll be glad you did!

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