Global Chamber® Committees

by Dakota Drake

Would you like to discuss an issue unique to your industry with someone who’s been there and done that? How about a conversation with someone in Hong Kong about issues in global education, or share suggestions for great restaurants with someone in Dakar? Need legal advice from someone on the ground in Dubai?

Global Chamber® wants to give you and your company a way to have a discussion with a group of like-minded global business professionals about what matters to you. That’s why Virtual Groups — our online committees — have been created with people like you in mind.

Global Chamber committees are a key way that members can reach out to the world when they have or seek specific cross-border business questions and opportunities. Committees pool the knowledge and experience of Global Chamber members while expanding each participant’s own network. Members act as a peer-to-peer advisory, meeting virtually through discussion boards tailored to specific topics.

Each week, every committee is updated with a new discussion topic. Sometimes, conversation gets going around an interesting new article or recent event. Any Global Chamber member is invited to join and comment. Committees connect people and companies across the world by sharing discussions, links and videos online; over conference calls; with webinar tools like Skype or Google Hangouts; or even in person.

There are three types of committees: Metro, Regional and Industry. Metro groups are for people with an interest primarily in specific cities. These groups can meet either online or in person. Regional groups are for those who want to interact with others about an entire country or region — like Spain or all of Central America. Industry interest groups are for specific topics, like education, food and culture, sustainability, mining, exports and more. We know your interests are varied — so join as many as you like.

Positive interactions with members active in global business can be the cure to doubts that arise from stepping into new markets or ventures. These interactions are personal and trusted to be most effective. So how do you combine both efficiency and taking the time to develop a personal connection with a peer or mentor?

A quick online search will bring you closer to an answer about your business, but how can you know if it’s an answer that will fit your specific needs in a new market on the other side of the globe? Virtual Groups bring members together in one place, accessible any time, discussing the topics that matter to your business.

Dakota Drake is operations manager of Global Chamber®

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