Delivering a More Diverse Workforce

by Don Rodriguez

In an effort to level the playing field when it comes to hiring practices in the technology industry, the Arizona Technology Council has partnered with FairHire to introduce InclusionAZ.

InclusionAZ’s goal is to enhance the vibrancy of Arizona’s technology ecosystem by imploring employers to provide fair hiring opportunities that attract diverse talent from across Arizona and beyond. 

To help accomplish this, InclusionAZ will adopt inclusive hiring practices using the FairHire Blind Hiring Platform that leverages scientific hiring protocols developed by the University of Bocconi Research Center in Milan, Italy. 

Each job post that follows this protocol will receive a FairHire® Certification. The intent is to help technology employers hire qualified and diverse tech talent without bias, ensuring that Arizona’s tech ecosystem is shaped by the full breadth of residents who call Arizona home.

What Is Blind Hiring?

Blind Hiring is a behavioral science tactic used to tackle unconscious bias in the initial stages of the recruitment process. It helps the screening to be bias-free to ensure that, during the interview stage, the best candidates are chosen based on skill and talent. A blind résumé conceals the personal identity of the candidate to reduce the prevalence of unconscious bias in the recruitment process. A typical blind résumé redacts name, gender, ethnicity, educational institution and any contents that can reveal the candidate identity.

At What Stage Is the Candidate’s Identity Revealed?

Unconscious bias has been a barrier for organizations to create a diverse workforce. It prevails mostly in the early-stage résumé sifting. With this program, the anonymity seal is broken when the screening is finished.

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

The program is open to all Arizona Technology Council member organizations of any size. Messages can be left for FairHire through its website,, and a representative from FairHire will respond to explain the onboarding process. Those who are not already a member can contact the council through its website.

Arizona Technology Council’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion is more than just joining a trending conversation about equal access. It is about listening, being action-oriented and addressing the deep divides and biases that workplaces simply cannot ignore.

At the Arizona Technology Council, we are dedicated to creating a sense of belonging for all our employees and member organizations. We strive to create a physical environment, culture and dialogue of engagement where our community members feel included and valued.

We know those who are recognized and appreciated for their uniqueness feel more motivated, are more productive and contribute significantly to critical community-building initiatives.

We also are committed to building and nurturing a culture where inclusiveness is not an initiative but an undeniable instinct. Here, we instill a deep sense of pride, passion and belonging that transcends any job description, company department, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, disability, language or country of origin. We are unified in our commitment to make Arizona a more innovative, business-friendly and mighty economic powerhouse that sets a precedent regionally, nationally and globally.

We know through experience that the Council is made stronger by a diversity of identities, ideas, perspectives and backgrounds. By prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion, the Council has created a more robust and creative work environment that delivers superior results. This work is a journey, not a destination. But we remain committed to asking questions, actively listening, engaging in difficult conversations and advocating for our diverse community members.

In addition, we respectfully acknowledge that Council offices are located on the land and territories of Indigenous peoples. Today, Arizona is home to 22 federally recognized tribes. We acknowledge these nations’ sovereignty and strive to build long-term sustainable relationships with Indigenous communities through ongoing education, partnerships and community service.

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