On The Board and In The Spotlight: Profile on Nonprofit Board Member Samantha Hagan

by Samantha Hagan

Name: Samantha Hagan Company: Christophel & Hagan, Ltd. Job Title: CPA/Partner Board: Gabriel’s Angels Board Title: Board Chair

Samantha Hagan
Christophel & Hagan, Ltd.
Job Title:
Gabriel’s Angels
Board Title:
Board Chair

How long have you served on this board? 

May 2016 will be 6 years

What drew you to this organization? 

A client told me about Gabriel’s Angels and their CEO Pam Gaber, so I reached out to meet her for coffee. At the time I was looking to join a local board; I wanted to find the right fit for me and believe in the mission of the organization. Once I met Pam and heard the story of Gabriel’s Angels I was immediately in love. I wanted to be involved.

What would you say is one of the biggest challenges for a businessperson serving on a nonprofit board?

Balancing your work, personal life, and your board schedule. For me, being a self-employed CPA mostly focused on tax work, there are definitely challenging times of the year.

How did you overcome that challenge? 

Just planning ahead, making sure my calendar was updated for the board year with all my board meeting times, committee times, and any other scheduled activities for the board. Once I did that, I could normally schedule other things around my board duties and I never felt overwhelmed. Life does happen sometimes, so when it does and I can’t make a meeting I don’t get too stressed over it.

What about the biggest opportunity? 

For me it was taking on a leadership role on the board for Gabriel’s Angels. I had never been on a board before or as an officer, so it was an amazing opportunity.

What do you wish you had known before joining the board? 

How much I would really love the organization I was working with and the people involved. Whether it was my fellow board members, the staff at Gabriel’s Angels, donors, or anyone involved in the organization, it is really life changing.

What do you feel your greatest accomplishment has been during your time on the board? 

Being able to serve in the leadership of the board, I was blessed enough to serve as treasurer, vice chair and board chair. Also the relationship I have with the board and with Pam Gaber.

What would you say to someone considering joining a nonprofit board? 

Research the organization, make sure it’s a mission you believe in and are passionate about. Another important item is that the organization is well run like a business. Make sure the timing is right for you, that you can stay engaged as a board member, and don’t be afraid to take on a leadership role even if you have never done it before, like me.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

I never knew how much joining Gabriel’s Angels would change my life in such a positive way. I love the joy that it has given me in a way I never experienced before. If you are thinking about joining a nonprofit board like Gabriel’s Angels, don’t hesitate to make it happen!

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