Commercial Real Estate: Is Multifamily Moving the Market?

by RaeAnne Marsh

What’s most visible of commercial real estate in metropolitan Phoenix is the multifamily market. Dennis Desmond, senior managing director of JLL in Phoenix, puts the number of units currently under construction at 6,000. This strength has been a trend as we’ve recovered from the recession. “Multifamily, as a segment of commercial real estate, is the No. 1 driver of growth for … [More]

RaeAnne Marsh, In Business Magazine

by RaeAnne Marsh

The commercial real estate truism of the boom days of single-family housing developments was “retail follows rooftops.” Today’s housing market is dominated by multifamily projects, and the hot trend now is to concentrate them near employment centers. So, although construction is no longer the key economic foundation of the heyday of Arizona’s famous “Five C’s,” commercial real … [More]

Are Unknowing Mistakes Driving Away Customers?

by Joseph Michelli, Ph.D.

Loyal customers are hard to come by these days. We all know this. After struggling through years of turmoil and uncertainty, the last thing most leaders would purposely do is take customers for granted. And yet, in many a company, all the fervent efforts to attract and retain them are falling curiously flat. It’s not that they’re storming angrily out the door. It’s that their … [More]

Companies Can Create Equality for Women 

by Carlynne McDonnell

Time and time again women hear how far they have come and how the glass ceiling has been shattered. But, while women have made excellent progress, there is much left to do to achieve equality. Maintaining the status quo hurts women today and into the future. Treating women employees with a lack of respect or value hurts the company in the long term. Corporations want employees … [More]

How to Know When to Litigate

by Leon Silver

Back in the day if a person was wronged, a business defamed or promise unfulfilled, the offended party could challenge his opponent to a duel, meet at high noon, step off his paces, and pray to God that neither his opponent’s aim nor his pistol were more accurate than his own. Historically, we’ve too often solved disputes with threats or violence (or at least by sending Luca … [More]

Better Branding = Fundraising Impact

by Richard Tollefson

Two simple questions lie at the heart of a nonprofit’s branding and marketing efforts: Who? and Why? Who is the nonprofit helping, and why? “Organizations often forget what they’re really about,” says Russ Haan, founder of Phoenix-based Charles Russell, a visual storytelling consultancy. Knowing that answer, he says, is the essence of a strong brand and a catalyst for … [More]

Tim Riester: Leading the Marketing Rhythm

by Christina Borrego 

For more than 27 years, Tim Riester and his advertising agency, RIESTER, have been successfully creating and revitalizing brands, launching products, changing consumer behaviors and motivating people to care about issues that matter. If you ask Tim Riester why his company is so successful, he points to the strategic nature of his clients and the talents and work ethic of his … [More]

Rolling Out a Retail Healthcare Concept

by RaeAnne Marsh

SingleCare, an online retail marketplace for healthcare services, officially launched last month in the Arizona market following a beta rollout in April 2015. Using SingleCare’s website, patients can search for healthcare providers by specialty or location, comparing prices, booking appointments and tracking their healthcare spending. SingleCare pre-negotiates prices that … [More]

‘Cold’ Lasers a Fair Way to Treat Golf Pain

by Mike Hunter

Scottsdale-based LaserTech Pain and Back Relief Center utilizes multiple healing technologies that include computerized “cold” penetration lasers, which effect “photo bio-stimulation” that is extremely effective with numerous types of chronic conditions without the dangers or side effects of drugs, surgery or steroid injections. With the application of multiple types of mostly … [More]

Fighting Medical Identity Fraud 

by Mike Hunter

“If there is one thing we guard more than our financial information, it is our healthcare privacy,” says John Dancu, CEO of IDology, a leader in multi-layered identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for the customer-not-present environment. “There is a significant increase in value of protected health information (PHI) because of its use by highly sophisticated … [More]

UA Cancer Center in Phoenix

by Mike Hunter

Downtown Phoenix’s Biomedical Campus includes a Phoenix arm of The University of Arizona Cancer Center, one of 45 specially designated by the National Cancer Institute as a comprehensive cancer center. To achieve this designation, the center must focus on basic and clinical research, prevention, education, outreach and training as well as patient care. The only cancer center … [More]

Professional Tech Certification 

by Mike Hunter

Tempe-based University of Advancing Technology now offers the option to earn a professional certificate in technology-centric disciplines. These certificate options — derived from the reality that local business is starved of technology talent and as such find themselves having a difficult time scaling for growth — afford business owners and executives the ability to grow their … [More]

Automating Asset Verification

by Mike Hunter

Early Warning, Scottsdale-based leader in payments, fraud prevention and risk management, recently introduced its Asset Search and Verification Service for Home Loans. Digitizing the verification of bank account details in seconds replaces an otherwise manual process that took sometimes weeks to complete and was highly susceptible to fraud. Rather than depending on the borrower … [More]

Aligning Skills and Expectations

by Rebecca Kalogeris

Professionals across all industries are expected to do more with less. As such, strategy and high-level thinking often take a back seat to the tactical. It’s easy for days to turn into reactionary spirals rather than proactive, purposeful ones. A recent Pragmatic Marketing survey of product managers and marketers shed light on this very trend that is seen across all industries, … [More]

Apt Apps

by Mike Hunter

Top apps are a best practice when on the run and using mobile devices and tablets. Here are some that we have found to be most useful.   Dropbox Nothing new here, but anyone not using Dropbox is likely not truly working mobile. It is the place for photos, documents, videos and other files. The files are safely backed up and available everywhere and on all devices. … [More]

2016 BMW Z4 Roadster

by Mike Hunter

Making a major splash on the market these days, BMW is reinventing things to appeal to a crowded marketplace. The legendary luxury carmaker is instituting some incredible technologies, service agreements for life of ownership, and also having some fun. The latest “fun factor” is the BMW Z4 Roadster. This top-of-the-line iteration of this topless sport vehicle — the 35is — is … [More]

Office to Go

by Mike Hunter

These gadgets add the flexibility of portability for the business company man or woman. Be Office Ready Readyaction Office is a chest harness for tablets that allows users to strap their tablets to their body. Sort of a hands-free, portable office, if you get my drift. It positions the tablet open at any angle for hands-free viewing and data input, and then conveniently locks … [More]

ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho

by Mike Hunter

It is not often that our lunch hour can be so tranquil. At ZuZu, the innovative American kitchen at Hotel Valley Ho, the setting makes the most of our great Arizona climate. Inside or out, this poolside retro locale is the ideal getaway for that important or well-deserved lunch. Inspired by the neighborhood grills of the 1950s, ZuZu offers up a variety of options for lunch … [More]

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