A Look to the Future

by Don Rodriguez

As the Arizona Technology Council ramps up for 2022, its board of directors and staff members already are setting their sights on their strategy to help guide the organization through the next three years.

At an early November workshop, board and staff reviewed, revised and committed to the Council’s 2025 vision, which reads:

The AZTC is the largest technology council in North America.

The AZTC is the first point of contact for all Arizona technology companies looking to solve problems out of house.

We proactively identify and enhance capabilities and eliminate impediments that Arizona technology companies face.

Together we are creating the destination for technology companies to be, to thrive and to stay.

Then the real work began as the group generated 350 challenges that need to be solved in order to achieve the vision. Framed as questions, the challenges were narrowed down to 40 considered the most critical.

The challenges were divided into three sections. 

  • Section A: The three top initiatives (i.e., priorities) comprising strategic pathways 
  • Section B: Challenges already being addressed
  • Section C: Stand-alone challenges 

The following are the highlights. While not all challenges are listed, due to space, many of those that appear here reflect common themes:

Section A: Strategic Pathways 

Initiative #1

How to gather needs; interpret, measure, create and share value to our members?

  • How might we help members understand how AZTC can help?
  • How might we increase membership by 50% by sharing value — more clarity — quantifiable?
  • How to increase membership by 50% to increase collaborative value and impact?
  • How might we generate more value for members?
  • How to provide value to AZTC members in the future using multiple delivery modalities?
  • How to increase community awareness and recognition of AZTC?

Initiative #2

How might we attract young professionals?

  • How to increase younger membership?
  • How might AZTC be more proactive on campus?

Initiative #3

How to create value-added human connection?

  • How might we know and ensure members have “found their tribe”?
  • How might we create a channel for technology companies to discuss common challenges?
  • How might we choose topics and meeting groups to maximize interest across our members?
  • How to drive more collaboration between members and stakeholders?
  • How might we form more user groups — like the CEO group — for various members?

Section B: Challenges Being Addressed 

How to influence public policy in today’s rapidly changing political environment?

  • How might we do better at getting legislators to understand the tech industry?
  • How to identify which regulations to influence?
  • How to stay competitive as a state?

How might we better utilize technology within AZTC? 

  • How to improve our technology skills to better help our members? 

Section C: Stand-Alone Challenges

  • How might we help students understand the benefits of a technology career? 
  • How to build a more diverse board of directors?

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